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Expansion of water.

edure: 1. Insert the thermometer into one of the holes of the two-holed stopper and then insert the glass tube in the other. Glycerin will help the thermometer and tube to slide into the holes easily. ... e so you can measure the position of the water in the tube.4. Place the container, thermometer, and glass tube (which will be called the "apparatus") in a container of ice water. When the temperature ...

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Running in the Family.

tten as a poem using simile and imagery: "Your voice sounds like a scorpion being pushed/ through a glass tube/ like someone has just trod on a peacock/like wind howling in a coconut..."(76)The variet ...

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Ideas to Implementation.

Cathode Ray tubes allow a manipulation of a stream of charged particles*CRT - consist of evacuated glass tube containing two electrodes*High voltage is applied across electrodes - stream of negativel ... work as semi-conductor at high temps - heat produces too many free electrons for Germanium*Develops glassy, insulating oxidising layer when heated to higher temps ideal for manufacturing integrated ci ...

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Influences of visual display terminals (VDTs) on its user.

he most used monitors before Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) came in to use. A CRT is a an evacuated glass tube with a phosphorcoated screen at one end and a flament and deflection coils at the other. ...

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Investigating circular motion

ween the variables of force, velocity and radius.APPARATUSRubber bung Metre rule 50 gram slot massesGlass tube 50-gram mass carrier 50-gram slot masses Metre ruleStopwatch Sticky tape Metre rule Strin ...

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Do Heavier Objects Fall Faster than Lighter Ones?

acting on the heavier object? In school we demonstrated this by a penny and a feather in an airless glass tube. The feather and the penny hit the bottom at the same time because there was no air resis ...

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What is a monitor?

and animation.Most computer monitors use a cathode-ray tube (CRT) as the display device. A CRT is a glass tube that is narrow at one end and opens to a flat screen at the other end. The CRTs used for ...

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Demostrating Osmosis - Science Probe 10

at the water in the tube will rise, due to osmosis.Materials: Two 1 litre beakers, clamp stand, two glass tubes, elastic bands, two pieces of dialysis tubing, sugar syrup, food coloring.Observations: ... nd it occurred too well, as all of the water turned blue.Questions:1. a) The level of liquid in the glass tube went up as osmosis occurredb) I did predict that the water in the tube would rise.3. The ...

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Noble Gases

ed. Neon can be obtained from liquid air. To create a neon sign, a high voltage is passed through a glass tube containing neon at very low pressures. Neon is also used in television tubes and is often ...

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Reynolds Experiment

the stability of fluid motion and the transition to turbulence. His final apparatus consisted of a glass-sided tank, 6 feet long, 18 inches deep and 18 inches wide. Inside it was a glass tube with `a ... varnished wood, great care being taken to make the surface of the wood continuous with that of the glass'. On the right-hand side, the tube was connected to an iron pipe equipped with a valve which c ...

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