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More Than a Prize

people to play the game. They are not trained to properly maintain animals.More often than anoles, goldfish are given away as prizes as well. A common goldfish will grow approximately 14 inches or mo ... o not know this. I work at a pet store and so many customers are surprised when they find out their goldfish won't live happily in a six ounce jar. To grow properly, one goldfish requires at least a 2 ...

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Movie review (shrek 2)

phy) has been taking care of the place...sort of. Fortunately, aside from a scummy bowl of floating goldfish and a pile of unattended mail, the place needs only a little attention from the lovebirds t ...

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Fishy: a tale of my most interesting (yes interesting) pet fish

her last year of high school that her mother came to visit bringing with her a beautiful variety of goldfish. They were given a spot on her desk, and she wanted to spend the first day watching them sw ...

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As a bit of fun, at the end of last year we were asked to write a 3-minute speech on a given, open-ended topic. I chose "Kept in the Dark", and went on to be runner-up in the Patricia Burgoyne cup.

ill being kept in the dark, a primordial society where every day is a fight to survive.They are the goldfish.The way we treat our goldfish, despite the fact that their names imply wealth and luxury, i ... dation, daily care, public image, and what happens when we say goodbye.Take a peek into the average goldfish's home and you will see a dim, dingy bowl, fake plants, gravel polluted with detritus and m ...

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Changes of activity level with tail oscillation of goldfish, Carassius auratus, exposed to various temperatures.

ABSTRACTThe purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship of the activity level of goldfish as temperature increases. Number of tail oscillations in 60 seconds of goldfish has been te ... two separately trials by using timer and clicker and at each temperature 6 same sized and coloured goldfish was tested. In trial one, the mean number of tail oscillation at 8oC, 18oC and 28oC are 51, ...

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Are you O.K? - A satire on how people ask if you are okay when you clearly are not

SDGAHA3SMTPE or the American Association of Scientists That Waste Your Tax Dollars on Stuff like Do Goldfish Actually Have a 3 Second Memory and the Placebo Effect. The study showed that, no matter wh ...

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Prejudice in 'Panache' and 'The Baker's Story'

to expect since they "…have ever been in a white people's house before - they even got three goldfish in a big glass jar" (Kinsella, p. 33). The group is pleasantly surprised of the way the cou ...

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s well as around the world, includes snails, oligochaetes, small fish; such as minnow, guppies, and goldfish; aquatic insects, aquatic plants, and dead or decaying organisms."The crayfish is the large ...

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My Dogs

play with Cooper and teach him how to be a well-behaved dog, but Cooper had the attention span of a goldfish. When he was a few months old, he ate a sewing needle which punctured his stomach. The vete ...

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The Factory Chicken Farming Industry

very compatible with human beings, and inspire affection and love. If it can be said that cats and goldfish can act positively on the health of the pet owner, than certainly it can be said of the chi ...

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