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Effect of the Market on Construction of Music

Can Manufactured Bands ever be Classified as 'Good' Art? The Effect of the Market on the Construction of MusicIntroduction Manufactured ban ... inion, and I would first of all like to explain my personal opinion. I believe that 'good' art has something to offer to the individual perceiver, be it painting, book, film, dance or m ... t original. Two values by which I judge music are creativity and originality. I believe that good art provides 'food for thought' - that special something which, after the tape has finished, af ...

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Boccioni, A response to the Technical Manifesto of Futurist Sculpture.

ing an arabesque of curves and straight lines." While this may be true, it does not always make for good art. When your canvas or sculptural field becomes too cluttered, the importance of the main sub ...

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"The defining function of the artist is to cherish consciousness." -Max Eastman

ingenious human activity.What is considered beautiful art or repulsive art? There is no such thing. Good art or bad art is relative. For instance, some people might say that a certain book is good, ot ... properly known by the name of Tarry Town. This name was given, we are told, in former days, by the good housewives of the adjacent country, from the inveterate propensity of their husbands to linger ...

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Title: Can Art Speak For Itself?

What makes art good? According to the committee which awards the Turner Prize, good art is an idea expressed that m ... vomit bags to people going into the museum, suggesting that viewing Olifi's painting would make any good Catholic sick. Apparently, both the mayor and the Catholic League felt elephant dung was too ha ... that this painting really reached out to people, making them feel something. That is what makes art good.

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Definitions of art and how the 8 forms fit into that definition!

tatement with it." Hoving (Page 3 Para. 6) Another popular disagreement is what constitutes art and good art vs. bad art. With both there is no single definition that is widely agreed upon. A common a ... intended audience. The work of art must also possess a sense of quality in order to be considered "good art." The following websites provide insight to how dance, visual arts, music, film, television ...

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Ways Art Is Present In My Life

nd to others around us. Though there has been a lot of confusion as to what the true definition of "good art" is, how we show others what is going on in our minds and inner souls cannot be judged, gra ...

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Animal Farm By: George Orwell

Animal FarmSocial commentary is sometimes found at the heart of good art, whether that art form is literature or popular music. The novel, Animal Farm by George Orw ... ange over time. This is the scathing social commentary that is sometimes found at the foundation of good art, that will stir in some the consideration of the systems and powers of the day, and of the past.

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"Art or Propaganda?" - a comparison between Alain Locke and W.E.B.Dubois

American life. (Linnemann R.J. p 79)In essense, both Locke and DuBois agreed about what constituted good art. It was the function of art on which they did not agree. DuBois doubted if one could really ... aper "Criteria of Negro Art" DuBois also emphasizes that the art coming from African - Americans is good."And then you know what will be said? It is already being said. Just as soon as true art emerge ...

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What is taste

What is 'taste'? How do assumptions about 'good' and 'bad taste' affect our judgements about ways in which the visual arts are consumed? Explai ... nce. In this essay I will explain how these are linked and how the latter develops with experience. Good and bad tastes affect consumption of art because 'good' art usually sells, although it is not t ... d how they affected taste during the Renaissance. From this we can see where modern conventions of 'good art' have come from.For the third part of the question, I believe the 'taste classifies the cla ...

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Cervantes Says Via His “friend” /alter Ego In

erged on one focal point: the purpose and responsibilities of literature. The obligation to produce good art was a responsibility which was faced squarely by Cervantes. The seriousness of this obligat ... ture replacing it with "verdades que dichas por senas". So while the author's task is not to preach good literature must present a better vision of the world, contributing to man's knowledge of himsel ...

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In every way Baroque music is like a teen-ager. Ok,

ra of Music.To put this into perspective, try and remember that the Renaissance was a "re-birth" of good art and music and the Classical era was that birth coming into its maturity. The Baroque Era-wh ... e Era was definitively set by Johann Sebastian Bach, the Grand-Poobah of Baroque music, who had the good foresight to die in a year also ending with a zero, thus giving historians another easy to reme ...

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