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Dont Talk to Cops. How to deal with the police.

Don't Talk to Cops'GOOD MORNING! My name is investigator Holmes. Do you mind answering a fewsimple questions?' If you o ... have any questions that you feel Ican answer, I'd be happy to listen to them in my lawyer's office. Goodbye!'Talk is cheap. When that talk involves the law enforcementauthorities, it may cost you, or ...

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Abusive relationship

Good morning everyone, my name is ---------------- I'm here today to talk to you about dating violen ...

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Tutorial on Pete Keneally & Jimmy Brereton in "The Riders" by Tim Wintons

Good morning /afternoon Miss Martin and fellow class students. Tim Wintons novel "The Riders" is a v ... gram from jennifer to scully. Peter keneally is a character whom has commitment to family and has a good working morals which even scully thinks of, on page 28 "the man cound work?"Peter has no childr ... first person which scully encounters when he arrived in Ireland and from then on peter has become a good friend of scully, bringing him his telegrams, having a social chat and helping scully with his ...

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Languae in chlidren today

Year 11 Speechgood morning ladies and gentlemen.This is just some of the language that people have to listen to al ... ce or something on that line. This problem of course language will not fix it self, I feel a really good way to help stop it accruing in our community, would be to start at home by teaching our own ch ...

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This essay is about the price our country pays for the priviledge of freedom.

Is Freedom Really Free?" Good morning. Can I help you? " This is the cheerful sound that comes from the employee at the drive ...

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Worldcom Meltdown A current event speech. Describes the history of Worldcom and the downfall

Good Morning. On August 1, 2002 two men were indicted in a Federal Court House. These men aren't vio ...

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This is a speech/essay on "Anti-Internet Spam" it covers all of the negative aspects of the topic and is very persuasive to the reader. Good paper. Includes Outline.

Good Morning, How many of you enjoy getting junk mail and telemarket calls. If you dislike these thi ...

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Russian Leadership History - In background paper format

nited States didn't take the steps it did to counter the Soviet threat, we may be telling someone, "good morning, how are you doing," by saying, "dobre ootro, kak vi pajaviecher." In this paper, we wi ...

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An explanation about the soliloquies in Othello, the shakespearean play.

Good Morning Mr nic and fellow class mates, I have chosen a dramatised reading to perform today. In ...

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Claming Compensation in the courts, Closing address.

Closing AddressPlaintiff CouncilGood morning ladies and gentlemen of the jury. My client has had his rights violated, and it is this ...

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About going to a dentist.

t was lying next to me, ignored the return of the butterflies in my stomach, and dialed the number."Good morning, Dr. Schneider's office. Tania speaking, how may I help you?" were the words delivered ... enly, I was jolted back to reality by a cheery greeting being offered by the receptionist."Er, yes. Good morning, Tania," I stuttered in response. I have an 11:30 appointment with Dr. Schneider.""If y ...

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Bram Stocker's "Dracula".

different from everything else that you?ve seen before. In that case, you are closest to the truth. Good morning or afternoon, listener. So, what IS the gothic mode? To answer this very generalising q ... , it is always sunny and bright. The contrast between the two is used to create the balance between good and evil, light and dark. Both the setting and the lighting are examples of gothic conventions ...

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Are trade unions in Australia becoming unnecessary?

Good morning fellow colleagues of the ACTU. We are having this conference today to discuss the recen ... s.We are made up of 46 affiliated unions representing 1.8 million Australian employees. This is not good enough as there are 9.2 million in our workforce. Formed in 1927, we have represented workers r ... OECD, being one of only two countries not to have a paid maternity leave scheme. This is simply not good enough and we must continue our efforts to ensure that no Australian is discriminated against i ...

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Describing how the society has stereotypically defined a male and femal, boy and girl.

onships and actions. Such stereotypes are often portrayed and perpetuated in children's television. Good morning Ms Panetta and 9.04. Today I am going to be talking to you about the Flintstones. The F ... rted her husband even though she knew she was right from the start. This is what some people call a good marriage, whereas I prefer the title of a dominating marriage. I hope you enjoyed my analysis o ...

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This is about australias involvement in the first world war. specifically the battle of beersheeba.

past my hair stood on end. The boys were wild-eyed and yelling their heads off'.Trooper Eric ElliotGood morning to the R.S.L, I have come today to provide details about the charge of Beersheeba. The ...

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Immediacy and Affective Learning It is important to use a wide range of immediacy behaviors to positively influence the affective learning of every child.

ad to meet you, como esta? I have prepared a desk just for you. Do you know how to spell your name? Good! Go inside and see if you can find your desk." The students are smiling as they enter the class ... ir desks the teacher goes to the head of the class and gets everyone's attention by quietly saying "Good morning, Buenos dias, everyone." She waits for a moment and then when eyes are on her says, "To ...

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Speech on Dreams. - by Laura Aberle.

ears to determine what sort of dreams you would have that night? Well, you will find out very soon.Good morning to one and all. Today, I will be delivering a speech on the topic 'dreams'. I'm sure ma ... e the things we are afraid of during the daytime often turn up again in our nightmares. We can make good use of this, however. It appears that some people deal with their daytime fears in their dreams ...

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A Comparison of Shakespearean and Modern Relationships based on the Shakespearean play 'A Mid-summer Nights Dream'

Good Morning everyone and welcome to the seminar 'Ensuring a Successful Relationship' and I am here ...

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This is a oral presentation about Excessive Gambling

EXCESSIVE GAMBLING in AustraliaGood morning/ afternoon Pastor xxx and fellow classmates. Today I would like to talk to you about th ... rts betting or even Internet gambling. If someone who did not gamble was asked whether gambling was good or bad, the person would probably say "No." In fact, gambling is not necessarily bad and is con ...

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This is a persuasive speech relating to the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, talks about making Benjamin the donkey the leader of Animal Farm

Animal Farm- persuasive speechGood morning/ afternoon Mrs xxx and fellow classmates. Today I will be persuading to you that I stro ... will be convincing that Benjamin is the best candidate for a new leader. I will be discussing many good reasons to vote for Benjamin and will also be telling you about what Benjamin will be likely to ... kely to achieve when he is voted as a leader.To begin my speech, I would like to state the numerous good points about Benjamin. Although Benjamin was clearly the wisest animal of the farm, he never th ...

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