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Marilyn pours out on her last interview

e they think, oh, it's a girl. She's got blond hair and she's not out of shape, and then they say, "Gosh, it's Marilyn Monroe!" And that has it's, you know, those are times it's nice. People knowing w ... if I had been wearing a slip I would have thought it was showing, or something. I thought, "Oh, my gosh, what if no sound comes out!" A hush like that from the people warms me. It's sort of like an e ...

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Monologue from Granny Weatherall's point of view: Granny Weatherall

haven't found someone as wonderful and as caring as George. Wait, the bells? One...Two...Three.... Gosh! Where is he? Our mutual best friend, John Winters, who will be George's best man today, just c ...

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I wrote a review of the movie Napolean Dynamite. It examines the life of a young adolecent, Jon Heder, and the struggles he faces growing up. I recommend this movie to all.

him, "What are you going to do today, Napoleon?" his reply is, "Whatever I feel like I want to do! Gosh!" Then whatever he feels like he wants to do turns out to be tying a muscle man action figure t ...

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live event

and also to request for their permission. The author Played a vital role by making a phone call to GOSH, they were pleased to hear of the team intentions so they replied within an hour by email askin ... spital to inform them of the proposed date and venue. After a week, the author made a phone call to GOSH to remind them of the upcoming event and to also request for paraphernalias needed for the even ...

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