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To what extent was Stalin a disaster to USSR?

o develop USSR into an industrial country. Hence, he had many plans for the Soviet Union.Stalin had GOSPLAN produce a series of five-year plans which set high targets for industrial production, power ...

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"Roosevelt's New Deal and Stalins Five Year Plan: Compare and Contrast"

y, having exiled Trotsky completely from Russia. Stalin set in place the first five-year plan, with GOSPLAN, the national planning agency in control of everything. He abolished the NEP and banned smal ...

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Centrally Planned Economies And Free Market Economies Economics Essay

collapse of Communism War has simultaneously with the establishment of a planning committee called Gosplan. The role of Gosplan, although vague and undef ined, not harmony with the new economic polic ... ague and undef ined, not harmony with the new economic policy was created in 1921. Starting in 1925 Gosplan began publishing economic evaluations each year. These predictions will soon be f ive, who b ...

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