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Cathedrals of the 12th Century

For nearly four hundred years Gothic style dominated the architecture of Western Europe.It originated in northern France in the tw ... e Byzantine provincesof Central Europe and even made appearances in the near East and the Americas. Gothicarchitects designed town halls, royal palaces, courthouses, and hospitals. They fortified citi ... ion. But it was in the service of the church, the most prolificbuilder of the Middle Ages, that the Gothic style got its most meaningful expression, providing thewidest scope for the development of ar ...

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Saint Sernin of Toulouse and Notre Dame of Paris

different styles of architecture. Those two styles are, of course, Romanesque in St. Sernin and the Gothic style of Notre Dame. Some characteristics that these two buildings share include quest for he ... ed vaulted bays, the round arch, the wall buttress, cylindrical apse and chapels, and towers. Early Gothic architecture, which began in 1144 with the dedication of Saint Denis, concentrated more on ma ...

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The comparison and explanation of Gothic architecture and romanesque architecture.

Gothic Style is the most fascinating and mysterious architectural era the world has seen. These larg ... s seen. These large structures of the 11th through the 16th centuries, that are considered to be of Gothic Style, are simply glorious. Throughout the centuries, beautiful medieval cathedrals have been ... this day, still survive with their astonishing appearance. The edifices built during the so-called Gothic period were not built with simple identifying Gothic features. Gothic architecture was born o ...

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The title of this essay is American Gothic. It is about the famous painting. It includes a little about the painter, Grant Wood, and then goes on to descibe the painting and it's meaning.

American GothicGrant Wood was a well-known painter and printmaker during the late 1930's into the early 1940' ... any paintings portraying images of the Midwest, but his most popular and known painting is American Gothic. Along with a popular painting of Wood's, American Gothic is one of the most famous paintings ... he painting was completed in 1930. It portrays a farmer and his daughter standing in front of their Gothic style farmhouse. The people in the painting are plain people. The woman has on an apron, and ...

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Durham Cathedral.

nstant threat of violence, the architect who designed it was slow to incorporate the light and airy Gothic style present in cathedral design throughout the rest of England. Thick carved pillars domina ... representative of Romanesque architecture, the Chapel is built in the later, early English style of Gothic architecture" (Maude). The impression of height is obtained by sinking the floor of the Chape ...

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"Gothic Architecture in France" This paper talks about the Abbey of St. Denis, the Chartres Cathedral, Amiens Cathedral, Abbot Suger, Robert Luzarches, with quotes from Scholar H.W. Janson, etc.

Gothic Architecture in FranceThe Romanesque and Gothic styles herald one of the most important perio ... erald one of the most important periods in art history, the Renaissance. The contributions from the Gothic architectural period are few, yet remarkable. Even though the Gothic era roughly lasted two h ... roughout the European world, including England. This essay will discuss these essential elements of Gothic style in French cathedrals.The categorization "gothic," that has been associated to this peri ...

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Gothic Architecture Key Contribution from the Middle Ages

Gothic ArchitectureThe technical revolution in architecture known as "Gothic" began at the end of th ... st over two hundred years. The advances made in architecture paralleled those in intellectual life. Gothic architecture was generally tall and inspiring and was a significant structural improvement up ... a significant structural improvement upon the Romanesque buildings that preceded it.Even though the Gothic era roughly lasted two hundred years (12th-14th century), it was long enough to voyage deep i ...

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How are the texts you have studied (Frankenstein and The Vampire of Kaldenstein) typical of the Gothic genre?

Today's Gothic society is often perceived as dark, evil and full of social outcasts. Modern day "Goth" icons ... upon. But where as today's "Goths" seem to rely on make up, baggy clothes and body piercing's, the Gothic genre of writing is a lot darker and stranger still. The Gothic style of writing first appear ... "The Castle of Otranto". The book was the first of its genre and is seen as many as the first real Gothic novel. The story includes many of the subjects people associate with the genre. It is a tale ...

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In the 'Afterword' to her novel, "I'm The King of the Castle", Susan Hill refers to "the evil of Hooper". To what extent do you consider Hooper to be evil?

conceptions about childhood innocence are shattered. Hill deliberately shocks us in a traditionally gothic style, by transgressing what we consider to be the accepted boundaries of behaviour. "I'm The ... re is an intense fascination with such stories, because they are so out of the ordinary, suggesting Gothic elements, like Hill's novel. The case threw society into a state of total bewilderment. Child ...

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Gotic Themes in Edgar Allen Poe's "the tell-tale Heart"

e obsesses over. This theme of insanity is progressed throughout the entire story by Poe's style of gothic writing. Gothic-style writing is defined by using these elements: abnormal psychological beha ... nd its characters' thought processes or behavior, and supernatural components. Poe's usage of these gothic elements builds up the central theme in the "The Tell-Tale Heart."Poe's major element of goth ...

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Biblical Allusions in Hawthorne's House of Seven Gables

most part. Religion appears as a very trivial part of the book. This is probably due in part to the gothic style of the novel that draws the reader's attention to the supernatural aspects of the story ...

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"The Masque of the Red Death" versus "The Raven"

Edgar Allen Poe is a writer noted for consistencies in the dark and gothic style in his writing. Poe was very popular for his short stories and poems, which clearly sho ... rror into the hearts of the readers. All of his adjectives and adverbs are very dark, sinister, and gothic. For example, the opening line of "The Raven" brought forth a very dark setting with the word ...

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Edgar Allan Poe

ly one of the best writers in his day. He was definitely one of the best writers that ever used the gothic style. He was also one of the first writers to popularize this absurd or even horrifying writ ... Then he buries him alive in a horrible tomb of rock and earth (Current-Garcia 78). Some of his non-gothic works also have connections to events in his life. His poem To Helen was a love letter writte ...

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"In her novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley attempts to shape the values of her society more than she attempts to reflect them." To what extent do you agree?

st making a critical judgement and shaping the values of society of her time, Mary Shelley uses her Gothic Romantic novel Frankenstein as a catalyst to reflect these values in more of a way than she a ... y than she attempts to shape them. Frankenstein is based around many features commonly found in the Gothic Romantic genre such as the pursuit of knowledge and the wonders of earth and creation. Howeve ...

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19th Century Architecture

t. The Houses of Parliament were built between 1840 to 1865. It was built by Sir Charles Barry in a Gothic Revival style. The buildings cover an area of more than 8 acres and contain 1100 apartments, ... n 8 acres and contain 1100 apartments, 100 staircases, and 11 courts. The exterior, in it's Revived Gothic style, s impressive with its three large towers: Victoria Tower spanning 336ft in the air, Mi ...

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Edgar Allan Poe: Narrative Structure in "Ligeia"

Jenny MaguireEnglish- AmericasNarrative Structure Paper2/14/02Known for his flowing descriptive and gothic style, Edgar Allan Poe does not appear to develop any obvious narrative structure in his work ...

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Gothic Literature in America. Looks specifically at Edgar Allen Poe's Tell Tale Heart.

Gothic LiteratureGothic, Romantic, and Enlightenment periods are all have differences in the way the ... eGothic, Romantic, and Enlightenment periods are all have differences in the way the author writes. Gothic writing however, is a major shift in how a person looks at the human race and its qualities. ... a major shift in how a person looks at the human race and its qualities. A dictionary definition of Gothic states that it is "an artistic style or movement of the 18th and 19th centuries inspired by a ...

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Architecture in the Middle Ages

on on Middle Ages ArchitectureThere were two main types of architecture developed during this time, Gothic and Romanesque.The Gothic style was developed in Northern France and is believed to have star ... e were those, however, opposed to the style. Seventeenth century neoclassicists developed the term "Gothic" out of distaste for the style and its flashy qualities. They believed it to be focused on ba ...

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'Dracula is nothing more than a simple gothic horror story' - describes why it IS more than a simple story

"Dracula is nothing more than a simple Gothic horror story"Dracula is far more than just a simple Gothic horror story. There are several as ... story. There are several aspects of the novel that point towards it being a complex example of the Gothic genre. Not only does it provide its audience with some classic elements of the Gothic genre; ... a closer look at Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, it is obvious that it is far more than just a simple Gothic horror story.Typical Gothic elements are used to create the basis of Dracula, for example, a ...

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How Dickens creates atmosphere in the opening of "The Signalman" by referring to the way he describes location.

f depression and evil atmosphere throughout the story.Dickens has also written The Signalman with a Gothic Style, using Gothic vocabulary such as "barbarous" and "saturnine" which adds the mysterious ... uses many techniques to create this unhealthy atmosphere and they work effectively in the sinister Gothic style horror story that he has created in "The Signalman".

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