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United States of the 21st Century faced with the same dilemma and problems that the Roman Republic faced as it transformed due its strength, into an empire.

The Roman Republic was established in 509 B.C., after Roman nobles overthrew the king. The new government kept many features of the earlier system, including the Senate and citizen assemblies. Tw ... ystem, including the Senate and citizen assemblies. Two elected officials called consuls headed the government. The consuls shared power, but either consul could veto the actions of the other. A consu ...

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China's One-Child Policy

inhabited region in the world. After the fall of Rome, it stayed the most populated region under on government body for the rest of history (Hooker; Matthews 35). In 200 BC, the population was a few m ... re than half a billion people when the People's Republic of China was formed in 1949. The Communist government asked the public in 1971 to limit their children to two. When that failed to keep the pop ...

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State versus Federal Systems

sts ultimately with the federal court system, a case must first be filed with the appropriate state government if applicable. This means that if the state the act of discrimination takes place in has ... plicable. This means that if the state the act of discrimination takes place in has state law and a government body to rule on discrimination cases, the case must first be heard at this level. Based o ...

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What would DNA samples be able to do for such things as for solving crime? Include actual cases like O.J Simpson and how DNA was used in the courtcase.

a major security breach. Profiled that mean it would be put on a massive mainframe protected by the government or by some higher international government body. DNA in the right scenario will it be use ... taken drugs and that not flowed out of their system, thus this information can be used against high government officials and company bosses who do not want the media attention.The system where the DNA ...

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Napoleon: A Leader Or Dictator.

ce from the second coalition. In 1799, he staged his "Coup D'etat," and setting up the Consulate, government body representing a country in another host country, with himself as First Consul. At fi ... as the people of France who voted , as a democratic society would, to enforce this new structure of government. In 1802, Napoleon again held a Plebiscite, and was named to be First Consul for life. ...

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Ethics Pornography

a difficult responsibility that must be applied minimally to ensure our first amendment rights. Any government body that chooses to censor artwork or pornography on the basis of obscenity is ultimatel ... gardless of opposition towards it. It's a personal choice to love it or hate it. A truly democratic government is one that engages in as little censorship possible- ensuring freedom and creativity. As ...

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The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is the government body responsible for corporate regulation and the oversight of financial service products ...

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Is Swine Flu the Next Great Plague?

ar more people under 65 than seasonal flu does. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is the peak US government body monitoring the disease. Its website states that as of August 28, 2009, it had record ... appears to be peaking after 147 deaths. "So far, the epidemic has gone as well as we could expect," Government chief medical officer Jim Bishop said. Perhaps more important, there are no sign that the ...

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Bus Law

tates was created as the foundation and basis of the legal authority essential to the existence the government of America. This document was implemented as the framework for the people and government ... t the states, citizen and all people within America from abuses of power. The three branches of the government are detailed within the Constitution: the Supreme Court heads the judicial branch, the pr ...

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