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Life and Works of Mahatma Gandhi

untry rich in traditions and culture thousands of years old. The British Empire took control of the government of India and forever changed the face of that country. Ancient traditions and religions w ... cloth and accompanied by millions of followers armed not with arms but love and truth, the British government in 1946 finally gave India it's long - held dream, independence. The fight for India's fr ...

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Indian Film Overseas Distribution Contract

et us thinks how we can define this, for our purpose, Law is a system of limitations imposed by the government upon our actions in order to ensure safety predictability and controlThe purpose of this ... film industry is changing from a non-organized sector into a corporate sector. In October 2000 the government accorded "industry" status to the film sector. The size of the films segment in terms of ...

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To develop Sponge Iron Industry as National Advantage for India based on Porter's Model

es significant contribution towards the development in terms of infrastructure, employment etc. The Government of India has a Steel Ministry to look into the matters related to this industry. The sect ... e increase in the numbers there has been a fall in the quality due to lack of quality teachers. The government has upgraded the RECs to the status of NITs to increase the teaching standard in these in ...

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The Swatcha Ganga Campaign

ampaigning to get the sewage out of the religous bathing areas of the Ganges River in Varanasi. The Government of India initiated the first stage of the Ganga Action Plan in 1984. Three sewage treatme ... the streets. The health problems are devastating. The people of Varanasi have had enough. Where the government has effort has failed, the community, our support, may succeed.Local villages are also su ...

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Jack Immelt on India

things.Devolution, defined by Webster as the surrender of powers to localauthorities by the central government, is serious threat facingIndia. It stems from a process of gradual deterioration withpote ... "free-for-all" since 1996. Sincethen, three national elections have produced six different coalitiongovernments led by four prime ministers.There is a trend today toward less qualified people among ca ...

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Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

nd directed even by political considerations. The panel of Advocates nominated and appointed by the Government on political considerations is at the root cause of very many problems in the courts. The ... in each court, sanction the same and appoint them from the panel of reserved judges approved by the Government of India. The committee should also have power to requisition the services of retired jud ...

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India (emerging market).

democracy with Soviet-style central planning. All economists in the world, were advising the Indian government. And the advice was that they must have a state-led model of industrial growth; the publi ... Union, India had used central planning (is an economy where all economic decisions are made by the government, eg. Cuba, the govt. decides what to produce, how is to be produced and how is to be allo ...

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Will India Remain Suffocated? This research paper is about the cause and effects air pollution holds to India.

How long will it take the government of India to find a solution to prevent further deaths involving air pollution? Since air ... volving air pollution? Since air pollution is posing a great threat to India's quality of life, the government of India must take drastic action to prevent further deterioration of the air. Air pollut ... pollution. These factors that contribute to the impurity of the air can cause health problems. The government of India must come up with a workable solution to prevent this from occurring.Everyone kn ...

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Business expansion to India

fees. These are the impediments to the free flow of products. By placing tariffs on imported goods, government can increase the cost of exporting and licensing (Hill, 2001). These are the reasons why ... ny multi-national firms have set up offices there. Study shows (Press release 2002) that the Indian government simplified the tariff, eliminated quantitative restrictions on imports and reducing expor ...

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Smart manager case study

tered the Indian market, it decided to bypass dealers. It rapidly won customers, market share and profits. But at a high cost. Soon it saw its market share under pressure from disgruntled dealers. How ... are under pressure from disgruntled dealers. How can it win back the high ground?Mahesh Bhagat, CEO of Excellent Inks India, was a worried man. A consensus leader and a team builder, he had consistent ...

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Sexual Equality and Indian Government: An analysis of Bill C-31 Amendments to the Indian Act By Joyce Green This article deals ... the army. Bill C-31 was passed in 1985. This allowed Indian to get their status back and the government couldn't enfranchise anymore. Bill C-31 changed sections of the Indian Act. The biggest a ... nants official. After this important case women groups and equal right groups pressured the federal government of section 12(1)(b). This issue reached the Conservative government who registered Bill C ...

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omply with each regulatory body.Security Exchange BoardSecurity Exchange Board was developed by the Government of India in 1988, statutory did not form until 1992 with the SEBI Act 1992. The head offi ... mission of establishing and improving standards of accounting and reporting. (Fact about FASB, 2008)Governmental Accounting Standards BoardThe Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) is a siste ...

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Bharti Airtel - Financial Analysis

grown by 40% in 2005, is expected to reach 250 million in 2007.According to Broadband Policy 2004, Government of India aims at 9 million broadband connections and 18 million internet connections by 2 ... mpany.Choice of risk free rate RfThe risk free rate chosen in this project is the rate of return of government bonds for 1 year maturity for the current year because of the ease of availability. This ...

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Hr Issue in Air India

algamation of big brands and thus, was clear leaders in sectoral values. With the same thought, the Government of India, on 1 March 2007, approved the merger of Air India and Indian Airlines. Conseque ... ular new private-sector carriers like Jet Airways and Kingfisher. After 20 years of indecision, the government had decided to merge the two problem-ridden government-owned airlines and create one thri ...

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The Salt Satyagraha Movement: The dissatisfaction against the Salt Tax in order to gather large public support

Salt duties had been a feature of The Government of India since Mughal times. In order to augment the state revenues, a law was passed by ... Tax prohibited the private manufacture of the salt and made possession of the salt derived from non-government sources illegal. In 1930, The Government of India had a monoply on the salt, which made i ... bought it. Furthermore, in order to make up the revenue lost due to the decreasing export tax, the Government of India increased the Salt Tax. By this time, the Indian National Congress, the largest ...

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India Banking System

the SEBI Act in 1992, is the regulator of Indian capital market. In addition, Ministry of Finance, Government of India is the administration that takes charge of overall Indian financial system. The ... The ministry is also responsible for proposing and executing annual budget, tax policies and other government policies for Indian financial sector.�Indian Banking SystemScheduled Banking Struc ...

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Baghat Bank

managed by bad and dishonest management and naturally there were number of bank failures. Hence the government has to step in and the banking companies act 1949 was enacted which led to gradual elimin ... tem , a new section 45 was inserted in the Banking Regulation Act in September 1960, Empowering the Government of India to compulsory amalgamate weak unit with stronger ones on the recommendations of ...

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Corruption in India

but end up paying bribes when they get desperate to get the business and also to win contracts with governments. There are laws in most western countries that make it an offence to pay bribes abroad. ... bes and therefore miss out on business opportunities. Is this fair for foreign companies? Educating government servants may help so that no bribes are offered, demanded or received. The Indian governm ...

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