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Bluetooth wireless networking

fascinated me. The convenience and mass usage of cordless phones, cell phones, wireless networking, GPS or navigation systems have always captured my attention.A few years ago I first heard of the nam ...

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Electronic Monitoring Probation

be used more. The advances in technology can be very useful in community corrections. Implementing GPS technology into these electronic bracelets can be used to further improve monitoring. By knowing ... ng with law enforcement officers in Oklahoma City, it cost roughly $9 a day to monitor a person via GPS bracelet as opposed to $48 a day to send them back to jail. This is only one reason why we shoul ...

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Global Positioning Systems

cation for determining our position is the Global Positioning System.The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide radio-navigation system formed from a constellation of 24 satellites and their g ... lites and their ground stations. Using satellites and radio signals to pin-point a user's position, GPS provides users with accurate information about their position and velocity, as well as the time, ...

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GPS receiver uses signals from satellites to pinpoint its exact location on Earth, any time, anywhere. Find out how the Global Positioning System lets you find your way around the globe.

Final ReportEngineering 100GPS Systems For years our ancestors having been relying on the stars to cordinate their direc ... one can cordinate your own position. Today, things are different a little bit easier. With a Garmin GPS handheld device, 4 AAA batteries you can instantly track your position. Until about a twe ... vice, 4 AAA batteries you can instantly track your position. Until about a twenty years ago, GPS existed in the realm of high-tech military thrillers. Fictional spies would tote hand-held units ...

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Industrial Revolution VS. Information Age.

each day! In the information age there were a lot of things made that can save your life, like the GPS. If you are lost in the woods the GPS will help you navigate where you are and will bring you to ...

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Global Positioning System and its underlying physical principles related to waves.

als from a "constellation" of 24 earth-orbiting satellites at one time.A Global Positioning System (GPS) unit consists of a space segment, a control segment, and a user segment. The space segment is a ... k of how far away each satellite is.In general there are normally 8 or so satellites "visible" to a GPS hand-held receiver at any given moment. Each satellite contains an atomic clock. The satellites ...

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Global Positioning System.

This paper examines the Global Positioning System (GPS), previously known as the Navistar Global Positioning System, and how it is becoming an increasi ... ch as automobile guidance systems, cartography, hikers, and the like. Into the future, the uses for GPS will be even more diverse.While its uses are many, at its root GPS provides users with accurate ... s importance for military purposes but also for every day life as well. This paper will look at the GPS's development, how it works, as well as its costs and benefits, and also the many uses of the GP ...

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Information Technology - Impact of ICT on the social community.

Touchwood and the surrounding area. I will be talking about the impact of ICT in the community with GPS in transport, how it is useful and how it can be a bad thing. I will also be concentrating on se ... ve to wait. Also passengers don't know the duration of their journey when on the bus/train stations.GPS in Transport:In buses (and some trains), it has a GPS (Global Positioning System). All the buses ...

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Be it resolved that Space Exploration is a Pointless Endeavour. (CON)

ted nowadays were actually taken from the many space excursions. The invention of satellite phones, GPS systems, and satellite systems all come from space trips. Even the weather forecast uses satelli ...

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The impact of ICT in a social community

do not know how long they will have to wait for a service. There is a way to help this cause. It is GPS (global positioning service) the way it works is that they install it in a bus or a train. This ... er from the bus stop. It can also work out the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). The community needs GPS because people don't know when a bus or train will come. If the bus stop has a GPS system build ...

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Financial Analysis & Stock Selection Project: Gap Inc.

Gap, Inc. (ticket symbol is GPS) and Limited Brands, Inc. (ticket symbol is LTD) are two companies in the same industry (Apparel ...

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GolfLogix: Measuring the Game of Golf

Introduction:GolfLogix has developed a small, GPS-based device to help golfers track their play. With the fact that GolfLogix has two devices it i ... nd download user-calibrated course mappings. The cart-mounted system has a competitive advantage in GPS-based video.The need for these products can be considered a barrier to enter for xCaddie owners. ...

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Off Highway Vehicle Trail Development: Originally used this as a speech in my Agriculture class

sual reference, another way to mark a new trail is by using a Global Positioning Satellite unit, or GPS. A GPS is a great way to log where you've been and easily follow the same path again. When you d ... GPS is a great way to log where you've been and easily follow the same path again. When you do have GPS technology it is possible to share your exact mapping with other people. The way points logged o ...

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Satellite Networks, history and modern use.

f 10,000 to 20,000 kilometers. This region is most commonly used for navigation systems such as the GPS. Then there are the geostationary orbiting satellites, which sit at an altitude of 35,786 kilome ...

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ple around the world right now. It's all done with something called the Global Positioning System, (GPS). Today it is very simple to use this. In cars like Mercedes, Lincoln, BMW, and a few others, co ... ess convenient; laptops are being used by millions of people everyday, so with a CD-ROM drive and a GPS antenna, you can hook up your laptop to your car with an antenna and have the same results as th ...

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Effects Of Mobile Phone Radiation

asks ranging from taking a photo and sending it to a friend, to communicating with an international GPS satellite to find out where you are exactly on the globe. It is with these phones becoming more ...

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Carz Automated Delivery

obal positioning satellites and an online traffic monitoring system. The car would already need the GPS to direct itself to its new location and it could use this to find alternate routes should one b ...

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Delivery Automated

obal positioning satellites and an online traffic monitoring system. The car would already need the GPS to direct itself to its new location and it could use this to find alternate routes should one b ...

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Smart Weaponry

advances have been made since then. A smart weapon is a bomb or missile that is guided by laser or GPS to hit a designated target. A smart weapon can fly up to 18 miles before ploughing it's way thro ... and flattened 2 residential areas and killed as many as 20 civilians. When the weather is bad, the GPS or satellite-guided weapons are the ones to be relied on. These work by bouncing signals off sat ...

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IMC Campaign Strategy

Developing an IMC campaign strategy is vital for Hill's Pet GPS to become a successful product. Many factors need to be taken into consideration in the planning ... product and pricing.In this discussion, Team C will develop an IMC campaign strategy for Hill's Pet GPS and Team C will identify and describe the target market of our campaign, along with a descriptio ... target market of our campaign, along with a description of the positioning strategy for Hill's Pet GPS campaign. In addition, Team C will create a marketing communications objectives based on market ...

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