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THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIROBIOLOGY DEPARTMENTSCIENCE 453 : BIOLOGY FOR ENGINEERSREPORT No.1BACTERIA CLASSIFICATION BY GRAM STAININGPresented By : Karim A. Zaklama92-1509Sci. 453-0124/2/96 ... Objective: To test a sample of laboratory prepared bacteria and categorise it according to Christian's gram positive and gram negative classes and also ...

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Cholera and its Implications for the Modern World

inal area. The bacterium itselfis small, and comma-shaped (see appendix p.7 ). Vibrio cholerae is a gram-negativebacteria that is a pathogen of humans. The bacteria moves by means of flagellum. Thebac ...

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Essay on bacterial cell wall composition

Various proteins are also embedded throughout the peptidoglycan layer.Developing The Negatives: The Gram-Negative Cell WallGram- cell walls are composed of two sections: the inner peptidoglycan layer ... t such as 95% ethanol or a mixture of acetone and alcohol. The difference between Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria is in the permeability of the cell wall to these "purple colored iodine-dye c ...

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light pink stain. Bacteria that loose the dark stain and show only the light pink stains are called gram-negative. Bacteria that retain the dark purple stain are called gram-positive. The movement or ... etri dish 14. Construct a table showing the bacteria basic shapes, stain color and gram-positive or gram-negative.CONCLUSION/ANALYSIS: If the tape was placed on a place that was used allot the ...

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Bacteria are an ancient and diverse form of life that have always been an integral part of the human ... and diverse form of life that have always been an integral part of the human body. The majority of bacteria are harmless, and some even helpful and necessary for the occurrence of specific bodily fun ... cteria have proven to be harmful, and throughout the history of man our species has been plagued by bacterial infection. Pathogenic bacteria have many structural characteristics that allow them to sur ...

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Bacteria and Gram-Staining

into one of two groups based on their cell wall structure. Bacteria may be either Gram-positive or Gram-negative. Gram-positive bacteria have simpler cell walls and more peptidoglycan (a protein-carb ... nd found in bacterial cell walls) in their cell walls. They also do not have an outer membrane like Gram-negative bacteria do. They take up the first dye, which is purple, in their cell walls, and the ...

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Isolation of Gram Negative Bacteria

portant to identify microorganisms within the water to avoid disease. Common types of gram negative bacteria that inhabit water are from the families of Enterobacteriaceae, Vibrionaceae, Pseudomonadac ... to identify a gram negative microbe but do not forget that there are several types of gram positive bacteria that live in the water too!1) ISOLATION OF GRAM NEGATIVE ORGANISM BY SPREAD PLATE PROCEDURE ...

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