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Microbiological testing for unknown (salmonella sp.)

, I decided to do a number of stains from the colony growth. First stain that was conducted was the Gram stain, which determined that the unknown was Gram negative with rods (Fig.2). A gram stain of t ...

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Another way to distinguish bacteria is by their ability to accept a specific type of strain called gram-stain. Bacteria that loose the dark stain and show only the purple stain and a light pink stain ... light pink stain. Bacteria that loose the dark stain and show only the light pink stains are called gram-negative. Bacteria that retain the dark purple stain are called gram-positive. The movement or ...

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Do you really want your change back?

done by swabbing and then growing the culture on a nutrient agar plate, isolating for one bacteria, Gram staining to find morphology and gram status, taking a biochemical catalase test, Eosin Methylen ... single forming units (Streak). The bacteria was once again incubated as before. Seven days later a Gram Stain, a differential staining technique was performed was used to distinguish the type of bact ...

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