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Black Holes - how they are formed, how many there are, what properties thay have etc.

area ofconcentrated mass for the space it occupies, making it impossible for an object to escapeits gravitational pull. This is due to escape velocity; the velocity required to exit anobject's gravita ... al pull (The Earth's escape velocity is 11.2 km/s). Because black holesare so dense and massive the gravitational pull they possess captures light itself, making itimpossible to ever escape a black ho ...

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Black Holes

t first take a look at the basis for the cause of a black hole. All black holes are formed from the gravitational collapse of a star, usually having a great, massive, core. A star is created when huge ... e star manages to avoid collapsing at this point because of the equilibrium achieved by itself. The gravitational pull from the core of the star is equal to the gravitational pull of the gases forming ...

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This is an essay I did on explaining how gravity works as well as how it effects the tides... How high tide and low tide work

2000) Gravity is a very essential part of life on earth. We are in the exact position in the sun's gravitational field to keep us in orbit and keep life ongoing on our planet. Gravity is a downward f ... Gravity is a downward force on any body of mass, the larger the mass of the body, the stronger the gravitational force. On earth the force is 9.8 N/Kg (Newton's per Kilogram) roughly, depending on wh ...

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Ballistics Lab

s slower than the last, which suggested to the class that the picket object was accelerating due to gravitational pull, we then found that its average velocity was -9.6m/s, which was very close to the ...

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The Physics of Baseball.

e forces acting upon it; especially, that department of natural science which treats the causes (as gravitation, heat, light, magnetism, electricity, etc.) that modify the general properties of bodies ... predictable forces and hence accelerations causes displacements of the ball away from the parabolic gravitational arc. Since the knuckle ball has such an unpredictable flight, the pitcher can throw ba ...

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What balck holes are.

a black hole is an area of super-concentrated mass. So concentrated, that no object can escape its gravitational pull. In other words, once you get caught by it's graviational pull, you aren't gettin ... n a lot of milk so our bones could support 800 million ton human beings).Even though a black hole's gravitational pull is enormous, it does have its boundry. This boundry is called the "event horizon" ...

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A story on how i will die in this wicked world we live in

. I remember looking at my CD player to see what time it was and in a split second I could feel the gravitation pull shift directions. I started to see the roof caving in and I could hear the ear-spli ...

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An Analysis of the Forest Scene

Hawthorne disagrees with Puritanism and is a romantic, Hester is in rather good spirits.Before his gravitation to romanticism, Hawthorne states that Hester is devoid of morals. An ardent Puritan, he ...

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The Allais effect -- Changing our views on gravity and how it works.

mall, however, that it would take about a day for the apple to fall from a tree if it were the only gravitational effect acting upon it.Ironically, the observations taken during a solar eclipse establ ... .The first explanation is called Majorana. This theory states that large masses partially block the gravitational force from more distant objects. If this is correct, the moon can partially be blockin ...

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Albert Einstein

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Black Holes.

k holes are regions in space that have so much mass, nearby objects and even light can't escape its gravitational pull. Black holes are thought to form from heavy stars. When these stars end their liv ... ingularity, or the center of the black hole. Anything inside of the event horizon cannot escape the gravitational pull of the black hole, including light (, ...

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A Life Worth Knowing: Isaac Newton

wing because he "laid the foundation for differential and integral calculus, his work on optics and gravitation made him one of the greatest scientists the world has ever known." ( ... ion and the basic principles of modern physics, resulted in the formulation of the law of universal gravitation. Newton's "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica" (Mathematical Principles of Nat ...

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Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac, Erwin Schrodinger And Quantum Physics

Advanced Studies. In later years, Schrodinger concentrated on expanding Albert Einstein's theory of gravitation to include electrical and magnetic phenomena. Schrodinger was also interested in the imp ...

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How to Build a Time Machine - Book Report

mainly based on Einstein’s theory of relativity. This theory concluded that time and space and gravitation have no separate existence from matter. To explain it simply, if we want to travel into ...

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Isaac Newton

ortant scientists of all time. Besides coming up with the motion laws he also presented us with the gravitation laws, which explains how objects move on earth as well as the heavens. He was deeply rel ...

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Issac Newton

s famous for many things, including the discovery of Calculus, the Laws of Motions, and the Laws of Gravitation. Many of Newton’s ideas are used extensively today as basic knowledge, and much of ... d is referred to as ‘calculus’.Another of Newton’s famous discoveries was the Law of Gravitation. One day, Newton was sitting near an apple tree in the garden in Woolsthorpe, thinking a ...

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The movie, Sybil. Her disorder towards Freud's theories.

isfy basic id operated on the pleasure principle. If not constrained by reality, it seeks immediate gravitation. It is something that would pleasant us by doing it at the moment. In the movie "Sybil", ...

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IDK what to call this so im just saying blah blahhh

on planet earth.8) What is the direction of "g"?Downward. Toward the center of the earth.9) What is gravitational acceleration?The rate at which gravity changes the velocity of an object as it falls t ...

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