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The Greek Economy

AgricultureThe Greek economy depends a lot on agriculture. One quarter of the Greek workforce is engaged in farming ... llion goats, 800000 head of cattle, 31 million poultry and 1.2 million pigs.Forestry and FishingThe Greek government owns the two-thirds of the forestland and has materialised her plans i.e. to replac ... in Greece. Sponges are the main marine product exported.MiningMining is of little importance to the Greek economy. We should mention though the annual output of minerals in tons: bauxite 2.3 million, ...

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How did the Corfu incident affect the outbreak of World War II?

On August 27, an Italian general Enrico Tellini and his four staff members were assassinated at the Greek-Albanian frontier while attempting to delimit the frontier border. The Italian dictator Benito ... er border. The Italian dictator Benito Mussolini sent a harsh ultimatum to Greece that demanded the Greek government to pay reparation for the casualties and execute the assassins that were unknown an ...

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Constantine Karamanlis: "The Greece of Karamanlis"

Karamanlis. It is an account of a man's life, who was on a mission to restore the democracy in the Greek world. I had decided to take this book into account as a text for my analysis of a Greek histo ... ent of Greece throughout the 20th century and the political hero who provided hope for the unstable Greek government, by investigating the history behind the fight for Macedonian-Greeks' independence, ...

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The Antikythera shipwreck and what it has hold us about ancient shipbuilding and art.

s shed light on the true complexity of ancient technology and made us rethink our perceptions about Greek mechanics. All from a lump of bronze abandoned in an Athens museum thought to be of little val ... Athens museum thought to be of little value.The antikythera mechanism was discovered by a group of Greek sponge divers in 1901 off the coast of antikythera. However, they were not searching for ancie ...

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How The Parthenon Lost Its Marbles

e of the biggest controversies in the art world. The conflict is between the British Museum and the Greek government. The Greek government has been campaigning against the British Museum since the lat ... and exterior of the Parthenon. These sculptures are commonly referred to as the Elgin marbles. The Greeks are fighting for the return of their history. The Parthenon is the oldest standing structure ...

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Issues and Traditions in Western Religions

day celebration about the rededication of a temple in Jerusalem after it was defiled by the Selucid Greeks (Rich, 1995)." Many people associate Chanukah with Christmas, although there is no direct ass ... housands of Jews. The Jews revolted and reclaimed control of the temple and forced out the Seleucid Greek government.Another of Judaism's common occurrences is Yom Kippur, which is the Jewish "Day of ...

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To what extent did relations between the Superpowers change between 1945 and 1955?

economic strength to prevent future expansion and as Britain could no longer afford to support the Greek government and so the USA provided the necessary financial aid and announced the Truman Doctri ...

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Greek economic crisis

For the past 5 years, the Greek public has been suffering from an economic crisis. puts this into a perspective th ... oney they borrowed and then borrowed some more." Although one of the biggest issues for people, the Greek economic crisis is also one of the least talked about issues. Large economies such as the Unit ... s the United States and China are in the news much more than Greece, yet according to BBC news, the Greek unemployment is 28% compared to the 6.6% of the United States. The Greek government has oversp ...

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