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The Greek Orthodox Church

The Greek Orthodox ChurchThe Greek Orthodox Church is one of the three major branchesof Christianity, wh ... spread by missionary activitythroughout Eastern Europe' (Meyendorff 5).The word orthodox comesfrom Greek, meaning right-believing. currently the orthodox religionhas more than 174 million followers t ... ieving. currently the orthodox religionhas more than 174 million followers throughout the world.The Greek Orthodox church is autocephalous, that is, governedby its own head bishop. The head bishops of ...

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Personal Affiliations Inventory.

ou active in a religious community such as a church, mosque, synagogue, or temple?I belong to local Greek Orthodox Church.2.How extensive is your involvement in the religious community?I am not involv ... y?I am not involved at all in my religious community.3.How is your religious community governed?The Greek Orthodox Church is governed by the Archbishop Demetrios who was enthroned as Archbishop on Sep ...

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System Belief: Christianity Issues

ans churches fallow the same principles and opinions. The Catholic Church, Russian Orthodox Church, Greek Orthodox Church, and the Eastern Orthodox Church share the majority of traditions. The most im ...

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Movie Reflection-My Big Fat Greek Wedding

In the 2002 movie release of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the writer Nia Vardalos, director Joel Zwick and producer Tom Hanks, tell the story o ... ther a fairy tale or ball and chain. However, after watching this movie, we can see that My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a great tribute to marriage showing that family is a part of marriage, men and wome ... rriage, men and women have their respective roles, and most of all a marriage takes work.My Big Fat Greek Wedding follows the romance of Toula and Ian from first meeting to their wedding. Toula Portok ...

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Belonging Speech/Essay on movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding

ns us? A perfect display of such themes and ideas of belonging are portrayed in the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding, directed by Joel Zwick. Why should this movie be included in an anthology of texts ca ... DOESN'T THIS MOVIE HAVE? It belongs in that compilation.The film revolves around Toula, a 30yr-old Greek woman who caught in the midst of two cultures; American and Greek. This is shown through vario ...

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