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Diversity of Plants

r paper myself.DIVERSITY OF PLANTSPlants evolved more than 430 million years ago from multicellular green algae. By 300 million years ago, trees had evolved and formed forests, within which the divers ... ssils date from the Silurian Period, some 430 million years ago.The common ancestor of plants was a green alga. The similarity of the members of these two groups can be demonstrated by their photosynt ...

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Greenlake, Seattle Report: life formes, dissolved oxygen, coliform, BOD, nitrates and phosphates, etc.

are fertilized, they can take up to twenty years to hatch. The daphnia eat small planktons, such as green algae and diatoms, mainly because they are already so small. Daphnia can withstand temperature ... rty degrees celsius, but after that, their enzymes break down and they die. Daphnia probably affect Green Lake because it is a main diet for many other animals, and if it were to go, it would probably ...

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AP Biology Essay #7 concerning Evolution, created using the grading rubric, so will be an A+

have chosen. In your discussioninclude structural adaptations and their functional significance.a. Green Algae...Vascular Plantsb. Prokaryotes....Eukaryotesa.Green Algae and Vascular Plants have clea ... karyotes....Eukaryotesa.Green Algae and Vascular Plants have clear evolutionary relationships. Both Green algae and vascular plants have many similarities displaying this fact. Just a few of these sim ...

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Five Kingdoms of Life

a or Bacteria is a kingdom of living thing that reproduce by merely splitting. Bacteria and blue or green algae are considered of being the simplest of the organisms in the Kingdom of Prokaryotae. Fur ... as plants. All of the members of this kingdom contain chlorophyll, a pigment that makes plants look green, and converts sun energy into sugar (food). Furthermore it is known that plants consist out of ...

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Cell walls revised.

on which helps to guide the deposition of cellulose. This is also an important difference from the "green algae", which produce a phycoplast during mitosis, in which the microtubules lie perpendicular ... , in which the microtubules lie perpendicular to the axis of division. Only plants and charophytes (green-algae) divide their cells with the aid of a phragmoplast.Neighboring cells in plants are conne ...

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Pond Water Life Lab - Science Probe 10

he pond water.2. I saw one true animal that I knew of in my slide, and that was the limnocalanus.3. Green protests are called plant-like protists, because they have chloroplasts.4. Animal-like protest ... When shellfish are infected with red tide, they are bad for humans to eat.13.Spirogyra Porticalis (green alga) has spiral chloroplast.14. a) Malaria is a parasitic protist. ...

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Invasions Of The Land

e of the first things to populate the surface of the land was plants and fungi. Plants evolved from green algae. That makes it able to carry out photosynthesis. The solution to the challenge of living ...

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The effect of temperature on the hatching success of brine shrimps

ell as other household waste products. Wild brine shrimps normally consume a species of microscopic green algae called Dunaliella by using their appendages to funnel nutrients towards their mouth. The ...

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