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Here are two short creative stories. I got an (A) on both stories. The first story is on train incident. Second story is called after a dream.

ways.English 201Second storyAfter a dream.Rising slowly from my dream. A moist and salty sea breeze greets me. Out of the corner of my eye I become aware of movement inside my cabin. Three men are tip ...

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"An Island"

at, a mailman who delivers the mail, or even a homeless person who lives by the public library that greets people who pass by. All these people affect the others living in society with him. If the sto ...

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Character anlysis of John Purcell in the Novel "The Father" by Hugh Garner.

n, when he tries to watch his son play, his son bluntly ignores him. As well, John enthusiastically greets his son on the street only to have a wave in return. John even goes to a Boy Scout dinner in ...

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Love in the Odessy

e is without clothes as well as her friends, she does not flee like the others she stands there and greets him. Courage and Bravery are usually characteristics that men tend to have, although we also ...

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Freedoms Obligation: Essay is about the United States and the freedoms that we have. It is also about the past and how be became the nation that we are now.

ound the world migrate to the our shores. For a great number of these people, the Statue of Liberty greets them with open arms.As American citizens, the Bill of Rights gives us many freedoms that cann ...

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This is a short story called, "The Deed". The assignment required the use of flashbacks and dialogues in a way that give a little twist at the end. The story revolves around boxing and retaliation.

y, sits up from his peaceful slumber. He takes a seat upon the slab of rock gracefully and joyfully greets his visitor."Kyle! It's so good to finally see you again," he says with a wide tooth ridden g ...

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How the Conflict Between Roman Duty And Egyptian Sensuousness Develops The Tragedy Of Antony And Cleopatra Comments: More focus on final scene was expected.

ony as a man ruled by passion with reckless disregard to the importance of his duty. When Messenger greets him with news from Rome, he responds hostilely retorting 'Grates me! The Sum!', expressing hi ...

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A Character Analysis of Horatio

allow the messenger a way to send another letter that Hamlet has written for King Claudius. Horatio greets the sailor who brings the letter and then, after reading it, continues with the orders of Ham ...

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"Everyday Use" by Alice Walker Comparison of the values held by the three main characters.

is styled in an ethnic hairstyle. Dee has chosen a new African name, Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo, and greets her family using a Black Muslim greeting. These are the type of things that black women in th ...

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Another day- a poem for World War I

ield of many,The shine we long for,Hides itself amongst the dirty clouds,While the light of a shell,Greets us with grief.Another day, with so many wounds,And another day with so many horrors,Some try ...

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Waiting for godot

gle tree present. Estragon is trying to pull off his boot, but without success. Vladimir enters and greets Estragon, who informs him that he has spent the night in a ditch where he was beaten. With su ...

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Poem: (Dre:am)

In dreams start all responsibilityIn my dream you sing for meThe halfgirl greets the icecubeAnd a smile meets your insecurityThrown into hazesWHere all tears are already shed ...

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My Dream Room

you first enter the space, the aroma of Moschino Cheap and Chic Fragrance, or Pink dreams body mist greets you delightfully, depending on which day of the week.Once, the sweet smell has embraced yo ...

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A critical analysis on Georgia Me's poem "Full figure potential"

Georgia Me greets the crowd with the statement full figure potential. She goes on to tell everyone that her des ...

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What does the juxtaposition of act 4 with 3 in Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion highlight about change?

iggins is acting crudely, but normally. All goes well at the house, including Eliza's entrance. She greets everyone with an appropriate 'how do you do', and continues to chat about the weather pattern ...

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A Doll's House

veral packages. Torvald Helmer, Nora's husband, comes out of his study when he hears her arrive. He greets her playfully and affectionately, but then chides her for spending so much money on Christmas ...

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An Exploration Of The Ways In Which Shakespeare Presents The Developing Relationship Between Beatrice And Benedick.

her...a skirmish of wit between them'.Beatrice is known for her sharp wit, and when she reluctantly greets Benedick as he returns from battle, she declares that she "had rather hear my dog bark at a c ...

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Lesson plan on verbs for junior school

king, writing and readingProcedure:Presentation stage: (warm up)1. The teacher enters the class and greets the students.2. The teacher starts off the discussion about the weekend.She elicits informati ...

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Dee greets her family with an African salutation, "Wa-zu-zo-Tean-o," as her friend, who is Muslim, ...

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Sinclair Ross - Once A Heifer

them. He watches them as they go into a man's stable; he follows, where the hostile Arthur Vickers greets him. He convinces Vickers to let him search the barn and finds nothing but is certain that th ...

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