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Health Care and the growing concern for eldery

Health CareWithin the health care arena there is a growing concern about the needs of the elderly. Familieswonder if their loved ones are getting the p ... the elderly. Familieswonder if their loved ones are getting the proper care that they need With the growing costs of health careand the decreasing resources of primary care physicians it is feared tha ...

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Videogame, The High Tech Threat to Our Younger Generation

a rather than their from homes. Generally speaking, the video and computer game industry has been a growing concern to the religious groups, responsible politicians and bewildered parents for the dist ... ed, statistics are really alarming on the videogame industry. It is a multi-million dollar business growing at 40 per cent a year from 1987 to 1993 (Palmeri 102). Tetzeli in his article 'Videogames: S ...

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The threat of internet security and its effects on electronic commerce

The threat of Internet security is an issue of growing concern. In the last decade, the number of people using computers on a regular basis has exp ... f electronic marketplaces, announced on November 12, 2001 that activity among its e-marketplaces is growing at an aggressive rate. When comparing January-June 2001 activity with the same time period i ... ly & Associates, Inc., 1997.GTWA. New Survey Reports E-Marketplace Transaction and Sales Volume Growing Rapidly." 12 Nov. 2001. Online Posting. Excite. 14 Nov. 2001 .Lundquist, Eric. "Security: Th ...

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Is Advertising to children ethical?

chance to explore the never ending myriad of products available.Within advertising there is a major growing concern in relation to the marketing ethics where children are concerned. Spending billions ...

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Effects of divorce on children.

vorce/index.html). With this information being made more available, it is no wonder that there is a growing concern of how these children are being effected by divorce and what we can do to help them ...

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In Today's Technological Society, is the Push Towards a "Wired" Educational Environment Hindering Students' Ability and Opportunity to Acquire Needed Basic Skills in the Classroom?

n need to be in the fast lane of the information super highway as well. Conversely, there is also a growing concern that incorporating too much technology too quickly may in fact be a detriment to stu ...

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LeukemiaIn America there is a growing concern with the development of Cancer. Over one million Americans are diagnosed with differ ...

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Illegal Drug Use Contributes to an Increase in Crime and Violence.

g Use Contributes To An Increase In Crime And Violence.The use of illegal substances is an issue of growing concern worldwide. Not only are these narcotics and stimulants illegal, but also they cause ...

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This is a response essay to Linda M. Hasselstrom' essay, "Why One Peaceful Woman Carries a Pistol."

her essay, "Why One Peaceful Woman Carries a Pistol". She says that criminal activity has become a growing concern for most people. According to the Department of Justice, several hundreds of people ...

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The rising costs of tuition in New York Universities.

Analysis October 9, 2002Rising Cost of TuitionThe high price of a college education is an issue of growing concern for American families. Over the past twenty years, tuition has more than doubled at ...

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Dallas's Ban on Smoking: brief discussion about the recent ban on smoking in Dallas area restaurants and businesses in early 2003. Discussion of health and economic effects.

chance against the main issue of public health. Health issues of the city's large population are a growing concern for Dallas's mayor and city council. The city government has the authority to regula ...

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Article review from Scientific American. Author discusses genetic crop modification and addressses long term impact on the environment

wn. 2001. "Seed of Concern",Scientific American, 284:52-57.In this article the author addresses the growing concern over the risks of geneticallymodified crops and the possible environmental effects t ...

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An Argument in favor of Governmental Intervention regarding Population Control

Overpopulation is exactly what it sounds like, over-population and crowding. It is a growing concern that faces everyone. Between 1991 and 1997, 6,944,591 immigrants poured into the Uni ...

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A whole report on gang life and how it affects people

last time you were able to turn on the news and not hear about some sort of violent act? Crime is a growing concern amongst most cities, and street gangs are behind a lot of the trouble. Street gangs ... em (Lang15). Violence is the worst aspect of gang life because it keeps getting worse as gangs keep growing larger (Newton67). Violent acts are the biggest reason society has a negative outlook on gan ...

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Sexual harrasment agains women

women are becoming victims of some kind of violent act. This has caused sexual violence to become a growing concern among societies. Let us ask ourselves, "When will it stop?" Women always say to them ...

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Genetically Altered Foods

oods might be contaminated? With the ever rising use of genetically altered foods this has become a growing concern for many. Where does the world stand in the use of genetically altered foods? Is it ... of containing allergens. Labeling provides an important tool for raising public awareness about the growing GMO foods and would probably create a much more comfortable atmosphere concerning the techno ...

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Comparison and Contrast: Species Endangerment

Species endangerment has been, and still is, a growing concern in our rapidly developing nation. As skyscrapers rise, forests and other precious ha ...

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Home Computers; our greatest weakness in the fight against identity theft

e computers. In a recent article published by Adam S. Marlin (2003) titled "Online identity theft a growing concern" he illustrated how a California family physician religiously shredded every piece o ... ncial record is now tarnished. Law enforcement officials consider online identity theft the fastest-growing financial crime in the United States. The Social Security Administration received 7,867 comp ...

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Violence in the workplace

e of the leading causes of job-related deaths. However it manifests itself, workplace violence is a growing concern for employers and employees nationwide ( The law enforcement community ... isk of violence, because it can only get worse.ON THE JOB INTERVENTIONSViolence in the workplace is growing rapidly within the last 10 years. It captivated the US during the Oklahoma bombing, Columbin ...

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Hate Crimes

ation." Crimes upon persons because of a difference in how they appear, believe, or act have been a growing concern throughout history. (Uniform Crime Reports, 2002) According to Eric Holder, a former ... ding to Eric Holder, a former assistant U.S. Attorney General, "The true scope of these crimes as a growing national problem is just now being realized." (Holder, 1999) Looking back into history, many ...

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