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Class and Gender Issues in Medieval Europe.

opportunities were different according to social status--upper classes (nobility), middle classes (guildswomen, merchants wives) and the poorest classes of the country and town. Women of the upper cl ... y had a few more choices because they were expected to be more useful in the town. They could enter guilds in the earlier Middle Ages, but later on they found it much more difficult to escape the soci ...

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Tourism Cluster in Sofia, Bulgaria

two industry leaders (one in packaged products - Albena, and the other in alternative tourism), two guilds' chairs (one "universal", and one specialized - village tourism); one semi-government structu ...

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Medieval Government

mainly protection by the knights.The mayors of the towns are usually elected by the "Masters of the Guilds", [but sometimes they simply replace themselves at intervals by "co-optation"=> Page 199, ...

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The Relationships between Capitalism, Colonialism and the Libratory Struggles As Outlined In the Communist Manifesto

their position after the elimination of feudalism a time when aristocratic landowners and corporate guilds dominated the economy. The French Revolution marked a very influential time in the rising of ... c trade. Through manufacturing the bourgeoisie could produce goods more efficiently than the closed guilds. In order to produce the bourgeoisie needed producers. A new class developed out of this need ...

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Mercantilism vs. Laissez-faire

ilism because they saw it as exploition of business. The government collected substantial fees from guilds, and other groups. Therefore using them for their own profit. The government also restricted ...

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Contract Law (Canadian) Commercial Law.

s a growing need to settle trade disputes. The merchant law only covered thoughs who members of the guilds so the courts conducted trails based on the laws the guilds used. This formed the basis that ...

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Mauryan Empire

Mauryan Empire was not as large as Asoka's, but still encompassed most of the Indian sub-continent. Guilds were associations made up of businessmen and producers. The Gupta Empire was a new dynasty th ...

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Raising of the Corporate Veil - ENRON

scinating history of development of commerce. From the days of feudal lords, to those of merchants, guilds and sovereigns, he narrates a logical sequence of evolution that has led to the current day " ...

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Fractured Unions- reasons for the decline in labor unions in United States and the future expectations.

icaThe roots of labor unions began long ago during the founding of our nation. Primitive unions and guilds of carpenters and cabin makers emerged along the Atlantic coast in Colonial America ("The Lab ...

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Causes of the Renaissance

good at a certain craft to pursue that craft and teach it to others, this lead to the formation of guilds. Guilds are a present day equivalent to monopolies. Guilds were a group of people who shared ...

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The Grievrances Of The Third Estate

the country. A lot of dissatisfaction came about when the many of restrictions were imposed by the guilds and with the heavy deus (taxes imposed by an authority). These factors caused great concern ( ...

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Karl Marx´s Communist Manifesto

society was organized through a feudal order which was run by aristocratic landowners and corporate guilds. With the discovery of the continent of America and with the frequent expansion of economic m ... ook control of international and domestic trade by producing goods more efficiently than the closed guilds.Since this class was growing into an economic power, it began to increase its economical powe ...

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The Eternity Service

bibles were often keptchained up. Secular knowledge was also guarded jealously, with medieval craftguilds using oaths of secrecy to restrict competition. Even when informationleaked, it usually did n ... had accreted overcenturies of religious monopoly, so the spread of technical know-how destroyedthe guilds. Reformation and a growing competitive artisan class led to the scien-ti c and industrial rev ...

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