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Gun Control

The problem with guns is fairly straightforward: Guns make it easy to kill or injure a person. This weapon that so ma ... such as the Brady Law, the Second Amendment and some of the percentages and death rates is the U.S.Gun control aims to keep high risk people away from guns while not putting much of a burden on law a ... to keep high risk people away from guns while not putting much of a burden on law abiding citizens. Guns should not only be restricted from known felons because new felons are being arrested every day ...

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Article about lax gun laws in America.

types of firearms that are particularly suited to criminal misuse." The argument often employed by gun advocates claims that the law-abiding citizen needs to protect himself from the reprehensible cr ... experience I've had with "firearms" resulted in a couple of horribly disfigured soda cans and a BB gun, and I can't say it wasn't enjoyable. However, that's just seems to be it. America glorifies vio ...

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Creative writing about video games.

he rifle's shot sounded, someone peeked their head around a corner, and I fired again. Nothing. The gun I picked up only had one bullet in the clip, as I had neglected to notice. Amid a rain of gunfir ... istol as the grenade exploded, which gave me a confirmation of my kill. I ran to his body, switched guns, and reloaded. I knew there was only one guy left, and this match would come down to the wire, ...

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Gammers, violence, Children and TV Violence.

which is understandable. I think the most important thing growing up was my constant surrounding of guns and weapons. My parents didn't hide guns and make me curious about them. Instead they had them ... gh to walk, I have been on hunting trips with my dad. I was way to young to hunt or even shoot a BB gun, but I was still in the environment. When I did get older, I was given a BB gun. That right ther ...

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A DAY AT THE BEACH (A story about a soldier in training before a war, the war is not specified unabling the reader to use their imagination) (Writing to Entertain)

ach. The last of the day's warm sunlight wasshining, calmly beautiful, on our backs."Fire!" All our guns opened up. The gunnery officer had us charging, full pace, overthe sand-dunes. Those sand-dunes ... anest, lookingship I had ever seen. And, being from a naval family, I had seen a few. The four huge guns,dangerously shiny and new, did nothing but enhance this deadly image.The next few hours went by ...

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Gun Control: about gun ownership & laws that should restrict it

Trinity RheinEnglish 1Trigger happyIn the United States there needs to be a law that restricts gun ownership or any other weapon from everyday law abiding citizens. When the subject of gun contro ... subject of gun control is addressed many questions are raised, such as who should be allowed to own guns? And in what circumstance should guns be allowed? Many would like to ban guns completely, but t ...

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Character Analysis of Jack Potter in "Bride Commes to Yellow Sun"

around how Potter himself interacts and reacts to his surroundings. He's fair and also good with a gun, since he never took advantage over Scratchy Wilson. We learn that Potter is very self-conscious ... advantage over Scratchy Wilson. We learn that Potter is very self-conscious of the change from the gun toting, lonely Marshall, to married man.We also find Potter is embarrassed in the great eastern ...

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Elizabethan Era Weaponry by Alan T

would farther increase the complexity of warfare. The structure, use, and importance of cannons and guns would change dramatically; they evolved into what would be the most important part of warfare.T ... n is, nowadays, used to describe all large artillery, but in the sixteenth century a "cannon" was a gun of definite size and type (Tunis 75). Cannons were first fired with finely ground "meal"; power ...

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Gun Control

Would stricter gun laws keep them out of criminal hands? Or maybe the question should be, "How can making gun laws ... gun laws stricter keep them out of criminal hands?'. The only answer to that would be, it wouldn't. Guns have become such a big issue in not only America, but all around the world. In Ivin's essay, 'G ... ot only America, but all around the world. In Ivin's essay, 'Get a Knife, Get a Dog, but Get Rid of Guns', she suggests that we adopt stricter gun laws, the same laws that are currently enforced in Eu ...

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Gun Control Laws in Tennessee.

Gun control is a very heated argument throughout the United States. The 2nd amendment says that we h ... s, but that was back in the 1700s and things have changed very much since then. Now many people use guns for murder and not what the constitution wanted them to be used for so courts and the governmen ... ry good grade being ranked with a D+ and getting a Sensible Safety Star for not allowing hidden handguns in bars.Some laws that favor people against gun possession are the Juvenile Possession Law and ...

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An Analysis of Irving's "Rip Van Winkle"

"Rip Van Winkle" had grabbed his gun and his dog, Wolf, and headed out to the woods. He rested under a tree where evening came on qui ... hat is giving that Rip did a little more sleeping than he thought was the moment he reached for his gun. "He looked round for his gun, but in place of the clean, well-oiled fowling-piece he found an o ... Rip's first thought was that the people from the mountain had played a trick on him and stolen his gun. My first thought was different from Rip's. I figured that he would know that the rusted gun was ...

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Creative Writing Continuation 'Of Mice And Men' by John Steinbeck

e briskly emerged from the shack once more still with no coat or gloves or any added clothing but a gun. He took the gun and carefully wrapped it in a piece of cloth he had taken from his trouser pock ... of cloth he had taken from his trouser pocket. He then lowered his wrinkled hand which clutched the gun back into his pocket. He limped badly stopping and wincing in pain. He soldiered on still clutch ...

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Gun Control

Guns: do we really need them? Some say, "yes," yet some say "no," but what really are th ... 157; yet some say "no," but what really are the facts. Below are some of the pros and cons of gun control. Read through the facts and you be the judge. A lot of people are strictly agains ... irearms along with 61% of suicides. That is over half for both. We cannot keep up these statistics. Guns are tools for killing, there really is not much else to do with one besides that. Killing is ag ...

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Fire Arms

irearms In this essay I intend to put our mind at rest about a very strong issue in modern society, guns. There have been many incidents involving guns and I think many people are undecided on the mat ... s and I think many people are undecided on the matter. There are as i'm sure you know many types of gun but I have managed to place them in four general categories.· Pistols: E.g. a han ...

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Against The World

Have you ever held a gun before? If you have, then you know the power/respect feeling that you get with it. That is if yo ... n you know the power/respect feeling that you get with it. That is if you are the only one with the gun. But if you know that they all have guns and are coming for you, your gun feels useless. Sometim ...

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Children And Guns

Everyone knows that guns are a major cause of death among children. Children do not fully understand the power of a gun ... erefore, if they get a hold of one they do not think it can harm anything. Many parents keep guns in their homes for protection and self-defense. But they do not realize they danger guns can ca ... defense. But they do not realize they danger guns can cause. People suggest keeping the bullets and gun separate and not keeping the gun loaded, but in the long run how does that help you against a bu ...

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Corrida Murray

would describe Dave as an immature young man. First, Dave decides that he would like to purchase a gun. He askes his mother if he could buy it with the money he worked for. His mother says no, but af ... r. His mother says no, but after a lot of convincing his mother says he could if he only brings the gun back home afterwards. Dave's mother askes him where the gun was, and he lied and said he buried ...

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Gun Control

Gun ControlAgainst Gun ControlEssay # 1IntroductionFor many years now gun rights have been a popular ... ular subject among both the younger and older generations. Many people argue that the right to hold guns should be effective, and other people argue that stricter handgun control laws are necessary to ... nd not to mention a constitutional right (Woods, 38-42). American citizens have a right to bear handguns and licensing and stricter laws will not efficiently protect human life.DiscussionIn the curren ...

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2nd amendment

t that a woman died during a house invasion and she could not protect herself. I am not saying that guns are the only means to protecting your life and property. Guns to knives have a larger intimidat ... ation factor. When you see a knife all you're thinking about is not to get stabbed by that blade. A gun is not the same. The fear of having a loaded weapon pointed at you is indescribable. Not knowing ...

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