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'The rich get richer and the poor get poorer' Examine this view of the geography of development. (20) Define the term 'backwash effects' (5)

Define the term "backwash effects" (5)The term "backwash effects" is taken from Gunnar Myrdal; a Swedish economist who observed that backwash effects often outweighed the spread ef ...

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inequalities and systems of exploitation based on group membership, (Healey). The Swedish economist Gunnar Myrdal studied individual prejudice and its relationship to culture, racial and ethnic inequa ...

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Liberal Nature of Indian State

ritique of the Indian state can be read in the writings of Rajni Kothari, Atul Kohli, The Rudolphs, Gunnar Myrdal.The state is associated with modernity. The idea of nation is also linked with the sta ... a especially during the 1975 emergency.India has been characterised as a 'soft' and 'weak' state by Gunnar Myrdal. The problem of a soft state is the crisis of legitimacy.Liberal critics have characte ...

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A Strange Love Affair

lly one that is outside of marriage. In the narrative essay "A Strange Love Affair," the author Jan Myrdal tells a story of the strange love affair he had. In 1947 Myrdal fell in love with a woman, un ... he refused to give herself to him leading to their fall out and him meeting someone new. Eventually Myrdal ventured his way back to where he meet up with his former love, it is then when she try's to ...

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