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Derivatives - swaps, futures, options.

sDerivative Products and End UsersPros and Cons of DerivativesDerivative in India: A ChronologyL.C. Gupta Committee ReportJ.R. Verma Committee ReportForwards, Futures, Options & SwapsForwardFuture ... ecember 1995 NSE asked SEBI for permission to trade index futures.18 November 1996SEBI set-up L. C. Gupta Committee to draft a policy framework for index futures.11 May 1998L. C. Gupta Committee submi ...

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Essay analyzing "The Land of Little Rain", by Mary Austin.

"The Land of Little Rain", by Mary Austin.Pallav GuptaCalifornia, O'California, the hopeless dream, the heartbeat of the mind, filled with sorrow and ...

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How was the Gupta Empire (India) scientifically advanced? Describes scientific achievements of the time.

When thinking back to the Gupta Empire in India, one might remember the famous works of literature, or perhaps the vast lands ... ern-day science, for example, plastic surgery, existed centuries ago. Here, the technologies of the Gupta Empire (320-467), such as the development of a more accurate value for pi, the perfection of t ... ail.First we will deal with the area of mathematics. One of the most recognized achievements of the Gupta period was the highly accurate calculation of pi, made by the renowned mathematician Aryabhata ...

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ERP implementation failure

n operations and improved customer satisfaction are the ultimate benefits derived from ERP systems (Gupta, 2000).ERP systems evolved from advanced manufacturing technologies (AMT) both of which were d ... business functions and processes and Internet interface as additional motives for ERP applications (Gupta, 2000). Within an ERP environment, transactions are treated as part of the inter-linked busine ...

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Indian Art

l casket. Stupas also contained the ashes of Buddha. During the period between the Mauryans and the Guptas, stupas were enlarged and beautified. The best example of a stupa is the Sanchi in Madya Prad ... ere said to have Kashmiri and Greek influences. No evidences of Hindu temples were found before the Gupta period; possibly due to that fact that they may have been made from wood, clay, or brick. Many ...

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The Gupta Empire (the golden age of India)

The time period between the Mauryans up till the coming of the Gupta's was a very dark period in Indian history. During the Gupta Empire period, Indian art and arc ... ible of the Sanskrit language; the foundation.Who they were:I) Some historians believe that Guptas were from the Jat tribe which is in PunjabII) Others believe that they were from the ... abII) Others believe that they were from the Kshtriya tribe.III) Some believed that Guptas were officials in Bengal, and one officer (Sri Gupta) overthrew the king of Bengal.IV) ...

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something more sinister wrong with them, they will feel like failures to their gender. (Jindal and Gupta 1989)-The norm for an Indian women is to marry then conceive, it's a sacred duty to become a m ...

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Commentary on 'A Gift' by Rahila Gupta.

The short story entitled "A Gift" by Rahila Gupta, traces the feelings and emotions of a platonic relationship between two women. One being the ... one. The relationship however comes to an end as one woman rejects the other for an older partner. Gupta manages to portray both women's feelings through the use of imagery, alliteration and repetiti ...

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Imagination lacking!

ons, for example? How many gave you any new angle to the debate? I remember reading one by Amit Sen Gupta three months ago that had new ideas about why reservations should exist. But other than that I ...

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The Effects of Globalisation on China, A Developing, Newly Industrialised Economy

panding international markets"[4]. A similar, more detailed definition is given by Govindarajan and Gupta:"At a worldwide level, globalisation refers to the growing economic interdependence among coun ...

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ly spread to form the changes of all of Afro-Eurasia.3.) During the process of Southernization, the Gupta Raj and Arab Caliphates had both been using many innovations both technologically and educatio ... n using many innovations both technologically and educationally but the innovations used during the Gupta period were made within the region while the Caliphates used/spread innovations or crops found ...

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