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How was the Gupta Empire (India) scientifically advanced? Describes scientific achievements of the time.

When thinking back to the Gupta Empire in India, one might remember the famous works of literature, or perhaps the vast lands ... ern-day science, for example, plastic surgery, existed centuries ago. Here, the technologies of the Gupta Empire (320-467), such as the development of a more accurate value for pi, the perfection of t ... ail.First we will deal with the area of mathematics. One of the most recognized achievements of the Gupta period was the highly accurate calculation of pi, made by the renowned mathematician Aryabhata ...

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The Gupta Empire (the golden age of India)

The time period between the Mauryans up till the coming of the Gupta's was a very dark period in Indian history. During the Gupta Empire period, Indian art and arc ... ible of the Sanskrit language; the foundation.Who they were:I) Some historians believe that Guptas were from the Jat tribe which is in PunjabII) Others believe that they were from the ... abII) Others believe that they were from the Kshtriya tribe.III) Some believed that Guptas were officials in Bengal, and one officer (Sri Gupta) overthrew the king of Bengal.IV) ...

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Mauryan Empire

ost of the Indian sub-continent. Guilds were associations made up of businessmen and producers. The Gupta Empire was a new dynasty that began around 320 C.E and Gupta rule was indirect.

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India, Land of Achievements

ng with my journal I bring with me my stubborn mule, Jericho. Before leaving to go to India and the Gupta Empire I was feeling down because I would be leaving my homeland. I packed up and said goodbye ... six and a half tons. There was writing all over it which tells the achievements of the great Chandragupta II. The land here is fertile and to one side of me is a desert, and to the other side is a fer ...

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Middle East Journal

Julia Magalhaes November 5, 2013Global 9 Period 10JournalMy Journal: Gupta EmpireJune 3, 450 C.E.: Today was my first day exploring the Gupta Empire, what a wonderful pl ... my first day exploring the Gupta Empire, what a wonderful place. Today I was at the capital of the Gupta Empire, Pataliputra. Far to the north I could see the snow-covered tops of the world's tallest ... ome.June 6, 450 C.E.:Today was another very interesting day; I learn very interesting things in the Gupta Empire today, I am having such a learning experience in this trip and I can't for the next day ...

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