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n is 58.7 days, or two-thirds of its period of revolution. The planet, therefore, rotates one and a half times during each revolution. Because its surface consists of rough, porous, dark-colored rock, ...

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Human vs cetacean divers

xample, at 150 feet, because of this weight, pressures on all surfaces of the body are four and one-half times greater than theyare at the surface. At this depth, pressure on the diver's chest cavity, ...

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Algeria. DeGaulle and the U.N.'s influence on Algeria's decolonization

pire before World War Two was second in size only to that of Britain. It had a population one and a half times the size of it homeland and was twenty percent larger. By 1962 however the colonial empir ... 120 bombs a day. Their efforts did nothing an on June 17, 1962 they declared a truce with the FLN. Half a month later on July 1 a referendum was held in which Algerians were allowed to decide whether ...

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US ASEAN Business Council

gest U.S. export market worldwide. With a population of four million, Singapore purchases one and a half times more U.S. exports than China, four times more than India, and more than most European mar ...

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Should private schools receive federal and state tax money?

USC, also pay their taxes to the federal and state governments. Sometimes these parents pay one and half times taxes, according to Wall Street Journal, more than those whose children study in public s ...

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Workplace health and safety laws and issues in Australia (responsibilties of employer/employees)

timated there are at least 2,900 work-related deaths in Australia each year. This is nearly one and half times the number of deaths each year from motor vehicle accidents. Each year, around 430 fatali ...

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Radio interview oral piece. Economics Title: Workplace Safety

ies relating to workplace health and safety. Included in that is 2 900 fatalities. That's one and a half times the amount of deaths that occur in car accidents each year."But despite the ghastly traum ...

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Japanese Railway Security

any type of terrorist attack. On average, attacks against such systems created more than two-and-a-half times the casualties per incident as attacks on aviation targets (Transit).Why is mass transit ...

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State and Federal Systems: Employement Law general regulations

equirements of $5.15 an hour that was enforced in 1997 and "overtime pay most be at least one and a half times an employee's regular rate of pay for all hours worked over 40 in a workweek" (U.S. Depar ...

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km, and water is 470,131 sq km. We compared this important country with others and it is about one half the size or Russia; about three-tenths the size of Africa; about on half the size of South Amer ... f South America (or a little larger than Brazil); slightly larger than china; and about two and one half times the size of Western Europe. USA is the third largest country of the world after Russia an ...

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Keys To Managing Compensation A good compensation plan must seem

sation. The Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 requires that employees are paid prevailing rates and one and a half times that rate for overtime hours. The Walsh-Healy Act of 1936 requires that contractors pay p ... ime hours. The Walsh-Healy Act of 1936 requires that contractors pay prevailing rates and one and a half times that rate for any hours over eight in a day or over forty a week.

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Total Compensation Methods Paper

me, defined as hours worked beyond 40 hours per week. The overtime rate under the FLSA is one and a half times the employee's usual hourly rate, including any bonuses and piece-rate payments (amounts ...

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The Caron Foundation

r statistics on drug and alcohol abuse, I found some staggering statistics. Alcohol kills six and a half times more youth in the U.S. alone more than all of the other illicit drugs combined. (abovethe ... .com) About forty five percent of traffic crashes are related to the use of alcohol. That is almost half of all traffic accidents. When polled, sixty percent of teens stated that drugs were sold, used ...

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