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walk into the front door ofher house you notice a long, slender stairway that led up into the main hallway of thehouse. The strong smell of cigarette smoke is quite evident when you reach this point. ...

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The Odd Couple, by Neil Simmon

t something to eat or drink. Most of the audience stood up during these times and went out into the hallway to mingle with friends and talk about the play.The play starts with a group of men playing p ...

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In An Oldster's Mind

think about my personal things. I appreciate that a nurse helping me to go back my room. Along the hallway, I look straight forward and do nothing like a plant. What factor causes the plant to move? ...

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Commonsense Control, Not Gun Control

to your bed and hope whomever it is takes what they want and leaves. You hear them walking down the hallway toward you. Your bladder nearly lets go. The intruder tries to open your door but luckily yo ...

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Political Correctness In The Classroom

pened was that I pondered onto school grounds with a tiny plastic watergun. As I proceeded down the hallway a teacher took notice of my "water-squirting" device. She approached me and ceased the toy f ...

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The injustice of religion in public schools. if our school is supposed to be sectarian, why isnt it?

Suppose you stand in the middle of a hallway during break, what do you see? Grade 8's madly running towards the cafeteria to beat the lin ...

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Gods and Monster; By Glen Gemeniano

y metallic doors open as the foot lands on the sensors. Bright eerily white cleans walls lining the hallway to the patient's rooms resemble those of an insane asylum. Each room is decorated with the s ...

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Process analysis of my "morning ritual".

- she has this entire face-washing ritual that I completely do not understand - so I start down the hallway to the kitchen. My depth perception is off in the morning, so I walk into the wall when I tr ... hen get that hidden grime with an Oxy pad. I leave the bathroom, depositing my dirty laundry in the hallway hamper on my way to my room. In my room, I apply deoderant and body spray. Then I figure out ...

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ABC's of Bullying.

es in many shapes and forms. Being the last picked for a team, excluded from a party, pushed in the hallway, or teased are just a few examples of bullying. Parents, teachers, and students hear it, see ...

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Quarterfinals About a boy in a fencing tournament.

difficult to see while walking down the dark, foul smelling corridor. I could distinguish where the hallway ended because of the luminosity trickling through the tunnels end. Even though a blast of ad ...

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"The Shadowed Man Part Two" Please see part one for more details.

d for a moment I believed I was in jail.The man who had came into my home sat at the far end of the hallway, leaning back in his chair, and smoking a pipe. He had removed his black coat and combed his ... u! Shut up down there!" The man roared at me as my ratting continued.Thick footsteps thomped up the hallway and the male peered at me through the bars."Shut you're rattlin' girl. You ain't here for mu ...

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This is an essay about my view on my parents' divorce. I made it as vivid as I could to let others see how hard it can be, but to just realize that things will heal with time.

at a time like this. The door opening from their room startled me as both my parents came down the hallway where I was standing. My mom immediately pointed at me, with tear-filled eyes and screamed a ...

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Contradictions on the "Tell-Tale Heart' by Edgar Allen Poe

I knew that he could not see the opening of the door..." (Poe 292). This implies that the room and hallway are pitch black, which means that neither the victim nor the predator can see anything - wit ...

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Workplace Observation at MDB Coporation MGT 331 Describe your perception of the current organizational climate of your company.

nCommunication within MDB consists of emails, productivity applications such as "Groove" and simple hallway conversations. A majority of the communication that takes place is through email. Using the ... et connection. This has proved to be advantages for traveling team members in different time zones. Hallway talk is encouraged at MDB. The belief is that when employees are engaged in personal communi ...

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Rage and Homicidal Tendencies

No amount of fabric and paint can mask the selfishness inside.Through the living room and into the hallway of this house of lies. Pictures line the walls, pictures of fallacy and deception. Only a fo ...

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Monica and the Tower Of Magi

halls of the Tower of Magi, "I knew you would come! Come and meet your destiny!"Monica searched the hallways for some evidence of where the voice had come from, and then she saw an open door at the en ... for some evidence of where the voice had come from, and then she saw an open door at the end of the hallway. Sucking up all of her courage she strode purposefully towards the open door suddenly as she ...

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Occupational Health Issues - Overachieving on the Job - STRESS

ork and within ourselves? How do we consistently wake to an abrupt alarm, trip over the toys in the hallway while taking a three minute shower, run for the car and speed off down a crowded highway wit ... car and speed off down a crowded highway with others rushing to meet the deadline time clock in the hallway outside of their boxed cubicle without losing our cool? After the above harried morning we a ...

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Coming of Age/Getting my Diploma

he theater. On the walls near the doors were painting and small head sculptures. I glanced down the hallway and seen a sea of people.I could feel my palms starting to moisten. I tugged at my mothers s ...

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Prisoners of War - Chapter 22

t that stood in front of the door, and lifting it up smiled snatching up a key. The door led into a hallway, with stairs leading both up and down. He didn't need anything from the basement so he heade ... just lucky you're mom's the one going to jail or you'd be dead.""What?"Tim looked around the empty hallway. "This is what I do kid, do you think that this is the first time I was caught?"I sighed. "W ...

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Prisoners of War - Chapter 33

I groaned waking up as the buzzer rang throughout the hallway, as once again I was forced to face the reality I was now apart of. I sat up rubbing my face ... each week...if they were good that is.I signed the sheet and followed the guard out and through the hallway, noticing the slightly open door a few feet away from the library. I looked around upon ente ...

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