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Star Wars Trilogy

Ben takes Luke and the droids across the universe to The planet Orion on search of help. They meet Han Solo and Chewbacca who have a ship to get them there.At this time in an attempt to get the co- o ... der, A leader of the Empire, Destroy Orion with there new space station the Death Star. As Luke and Han Aboard the Falcon get near the old planet they are caught by the Death Star. Once in side they e ...

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Sound, camera shots and mise-en-scene; how they convey the narrative to the audience in the opening sequence of "Star Wars-episode iv, A New Hope"

that is fulfilled throughout the film (Leia is the princess needing rescue, Vader the "baddie" and Han Solo is the knight and shining armour for example). However, the traditional fairytale narrative ... d is one of the most easily identifiable pieces of film music in history. The use of these motifs enhances the binary opposition of good and evil by giving them completely different music. It also hel ...

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A biography of George Lucas.

d its sequels. The Star Wars movies tell the story of the rebels Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo as they battle the evil imperial forces of Darth Vader. These films became some the most po ... Star Wars grossed over $400 million dollars on it's initial run alone. It also created a giant merchandise business. The stress of directing Star Wars led Lucas to hire Irvin Kershner to direct the s ...

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Star Wars: A Modern Epic

lker. In an epic, the hero is a figure of great national or international importance. Many things enhance Luke's personality, but three qualities I am about to list are the best. Luke is very brave, c ... here Luke's journey takes place.Star Wars takes place in space, (go figure) on a foreign planet, in Han Solo's spaceship, and on a large enemy space station called "Death Star" which is in the shape o ...

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Star Wars: A myth, legend, and fairytale.

and its dark side. There are good guys (Luke Skywalker), bad guys(Darth Vader), roguish characters(Han Solo), and the pet-like characters(Chewbacca and the droids). They all form together to make an ... m to the defeat of the empire.Star Wars contains elements from fairy tales, too. There is a larger than life character that begins as an average boy. He starts off not knowing his powers. He is the so ...

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Comparison essay between William Golding's novel "To Kill A Mockingbird" and George Lucas's film "-Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back"

esson toward the end of the book when he wonders whether family status could be based on education than on bloodlines.The relevancy of the second sup-topic to the analysis is the leadership and surviv ... f discussion is the battle between good and evil. Some references are when near the end of the film Han Solo is captured and Luke and his team set out to find him. Luke finds Solo captured far away bu ...

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How did the Composers communicate their ideas on Changing Self in film 'Secrets and Lies' directed by Mike Leigh, the novel 'Return of the Jedi' by George Lucas

Changing self is a part of the process of living. Everyone and everything is changing all the time. T ... ess of living. Everyone and everything is changing all the time. The world cannot progress without change. Changing self is constant and necessary, it is influenced on by other people and other things ... nging self is constant and necessary, it is influenced on by other people and other things. When a change is required you will make a decision to change. Whether or not that decision is conscious, unc ...

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Whose Future?

scene "" reminiscent of a bar fight - is but one example of Star Wars attempts to model a western. Han Solo, a sort of space-cowboy, is another example of Star Wars tie-ins to westerns. Male characte ... . Star Wars tackles the idea of God through "the force"� and in the newest installment, The Phantom Menace, even tackles the idea of the virgin birth. However, in retrospect Star Wars isn't rev ...

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The origins of star wars

n Skywalker, Luke's father. Anakin finds the dark side of the Force much easier and more expedient than the light and becomes a dark Jedi, Darth Vader. He becomes so powerful that his body starts to b ... d strong, and she knows how to get out of a bad situation. For example, when during her 'rescue' by Han Solo, Luke, and Chewbacca, she takes Luke's gun and blows a hole into the garbage chute for an e ...

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Star Wars

l Force. Obewan and Luke must go quickly to avoid an attack by the sand druids.Luke and Obewan meet Han Solo in a pub/restaurant. Solo tells the two men that he can fly them anywhere for $10,000. Obew ... ewan?s counter-offer is $17,000. Ben tells Luke he must sell his sword to pay for part of the bill. Han Solo gladly accepts their offer and gets them ready to leave. They must hurry because of the dro ...

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The movie, Star Wars is not as difficult to decipher

always watching over the hero in ancient myths. Luke also has a few people with him. He had Chewy, Hans Solo, Obi-wan-kanobi and the triodes aiding him. In the ancient myth Odysseus, the main charact ... he similarities that Star Wars and a typical heroic myth contain. In my opinion, Star Wars is more than just entertainment, it is a modern myth.

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