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ide of it's head. Slowly gaining speed, the shadyfigures unmoving eyes fixed on it's target, a lost harbor seal pup. As the distance betweenthe predator and it's prey grew closer, the jaws of the mass ... sharp teeth. Strings of it's previous meal hung inrows from between it's teeth. Sensing danger, the harbor seal frantically tried to find aplace to seek refuge, but it was too late. The jaws of the sh ...

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Binding of contract - Prudent Bank Ltd v Freehills Antiques Pty Ltd

reddy, managing director as well, got into a contract with Prudent Bank Ltd by affixing the company seal and signed the loan documents along with Felicity, representing her as the secretary of the com ... r implied authority and on behalf of the company. The power may be exercised without using a common seal. A Managing Director has the customary authority to make any contracts related to the day to da ...

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Biology Field Trip

s. Our Captain Mr. MacVicar didn't waste any time as we went straight for the log booms to view the harbor seals. When we arrived at the log booms Mr. MacVicar stopped the boat and we all had a chance ... ed seals on the logs. The majority of them seemed to be in one section fairly close to one another. Harbor seals have short front flippers, large eyes, and thick whiskers and can grow as long as 2 met ...

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