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Computer Viruses

'Your PC is now stoned,' to completely obliterating everything that is contained on the computer's hard disk. Viruses are transferred from computer to computer in a number of ways. The most common wa ... ese viruses are called BOOT SECTOR viruses. These viruses reside on the part of the floppy disk, or hard disk that store the information so that these disks can be used, and is loaded into memory each ...

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Helpful Computing Infomation/project 95% recieved.

(Compact Disk Read Only Memory) cannot be writed too but is used as a permanent storage just like a hard disk.300W Speakers: Speakers produce Anologue sound that has been given to it by the Sound Card ... a computer that was very reliable, fairly quick, and that had a fair amount of space on it.(b) The Hardware I would select for this computer would include:* Intel Pentium 4 processor running at 1.8 G ...

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The PC: Friend or Foe

re or home business. Maintenance is a key word in protecting this investment and proper care of the hard disk, printer, and system case remain essential for quality computing.Taking care of business i ... e two survival utility programs that are part of the operating system's tool chest used to keep the hard disk in perfect condition. The first one is called Disk Defragmenter, which can be launched by ...

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Inter-net Assesment

r. The inter net can also be used to chat to anyone on the net and also to download files onto your hard disk. You can also send emails from it.The characteristics of the stored informationAccessibili ... 00 million computers connected to the Internet. The network can be of any size, use any software or hardware and can be located anywhere in the world. The structure of the information on it is normall ...

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Computer Piracy

as well.There are five types of software piracy that face us today. They consist of, soft lifting, hard disk loading, renting, downloading and software counterfeiting. Soft lifting occurs when someon ... e software is created for friends and other personal computers this goes against the authorization. Hard disk loading is when the unauthorized copies of software are placed on the disk when you buy a ...

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You have $2,000.00 to get the best computer system you can get for the money. What system will you buy?

information is shown to the user on the monitor, output to the printer or stored on a device like a hard disk. The heart of the PC is the microprocessor with many other different parts that work toget ... onents, the PC will fail to function. These components, the motherboard, microprocessor, memory and hard disk, will be discussed in the following paragraphs.The motherboard (also called mainboards) pr ...

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The four major functions of an operating system are

memory becomes full then the operating system starts storing copies of the pages into files in the hard disk. This is called a swap file.Input and OutputInput and output devices generate interrupts, ...

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A High Security System For Databases

s of database software, a basicunderstanding of the enhanced security capabilities achieved through Hard DiskShadowing over IP networks. The paper discusses the design and implementation of HardDisk S ... Pnetwork infrastructure, hence minimizing deployment time and total cost of development.Index Terms-Hard Disk Shadowing, Reproduction Sets, Slist, StatfileI. INTRODUCTIONTimely access to accurate and ...

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Background Material

Module 1Section 11.2 Software and HardwareHardware: the physical components of your computer: the 'box' and its contents (microprocess ... nts (microprocessor, hard disk, graphics card, etc.), together with the monitor, keyboard and mouse.Hardware includes components called: Peripherals: Separate hardware items that are added onto ... memory which stores all the data the computer is currently using.5. Storage Devices: Hard disk CD-ROMs Optical disks Tape storage Floppy disks6. Buse ...

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Software Piracy

on several computers such as friends or co-workers. Users can make one backup copy for themselves. Hard disk loading is the next type, where unauthorized copies of software are placed on the disk whe ... a new computer. The computer market is competitive and dealers' sell PC's that include software and hardware with a low price, to boost their sales. The renting is the third type. Software is rented f ...

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Information on computer viruses that I researched.

e A. Even if the attempt is not successful, a virus on the floppy disk's boot sector can infect the hard disk on a computer.Never open an e-mail message attachment unless you are expecting the attachm ...

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Boot Process.

o happen. The most important purpose of the boot process is that it loads the operating system from hard disk into memory, which communicates with any input, output, or storage devices. The reason tha ...

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Write an newspaper report on "Maintaining your computer" and it's value to us.

oftware on your PC, The installation software (installer) generally writes on a random part of your Hard Disk . When you execute the program, Windows spends time looking for it on the Hard Drive. The ... click on Disk Defragmenter. You will see towards the top of the screen, a list of all your physical Hard Drives. Select the System drive, ie: the one that has Windows installed on it. Then click on De ...

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A Breif History of the Hard Drive

In 1956 the world's first hard drive was produced by IBM. The IBM system 305 hard drive consisted of twenty four fifty inch pl ... te of 8800 bytes per second and a total capacity of five megabytes. The computer that contained the hard drive leased for 3,200 dollars per month. IBM continued to release update versions of the drive ... and provided increased performance over the IBM 305.In 1961 IBM would again push the limitations of hard disk technology with the release of the IBM 1301 on June second. The 1301 stored 28 million cha ...

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Streaming Media on the Web

files from an online database such as CDDB or FreeDB. In addition, playback both files stored on a hard disk as well as Internet streaming media. Thus a media player is often considered a web browser ... mainstream user (who clicks a link once in a while to play content while browsing the Internet) and hard-core digital media enthusiasts. These people want their playback experience to be fast, seamles ...

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A Review of Computer Abilities

h devices work best for specific types of information. Lastly, we will examine the role of specific hardware in regards to the speed of a computer.Beginning with data accuracy, the best option for dat ... anual entry of the information.In reviewing storage devices, we find several options available. The hard disk of a computer is usually a storage device that can hold vast amounts of data. The lack of ...

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Simply DOS, 2nd Edition

Summary: DOS is the short form of "Disk Operating System". The meaning is controlling the Hard Disk working. It can help we to manage our system and spend the resource. The main work of the ... y great OS, such as: Windows is base on DOS. In the first chapter, the book introduces the computer hardware and software. And when we get started with the computer, because it is an old edition, the ...

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File Systems

ring and organizing computer files and that the files are easy to access and find. File systems use hard disk for storage and involve maintaining physical location of the files. Three main file system ... ow a number of table elements in a cluster was measured by a certain number of bits. As the size of hard disk increased over a period, so has the bit size that FAT uses to identify these clusters. The ...

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