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why koreans came to usa

ation struck a deal with David Declare, who was paid five dollars for every laborer he lured to the Hawaiian Islands. (Moynihan 45) Deshler even offered unsuspecting Koreans loans of $100 so they coul ... tive: a monthly wage of $15, free housing, health care, English lessons, and the predominately warm Hawaiian climate. (Moynihan 45) Recruiters in Korea used the upbeat slogan "The country is open- go ...

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Tsunamis, Tidal waves , the often overlooked stress relief system of the earth

ty, 32,500 km long, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Since 1819, about 40 tsunamis have struck the Hawaiian Islands.A Tsunami may travel hundreds of kilometres across the deep ocean, reaching speeds ...

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ty, 32,500 km long, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Since 1819, about 40 tsunamis have struck the Hawaiian Islands.A Tsunami may travel hundreds of kilometres across the deep ocean, reaching speeds ...

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The Language of Hawaii

Pidgin is a dialect of English spoken in the Hawaiian Islands. It consists of theshortening of many words commonly used in everyday English speec ... 's socialbarriers as well. It is primarily spoken in the lower class neighborhoods consisting of theHawaiians and the Filipinos. The dialect has been associated with the members of theseneighborhoods ... family background, my mother is Scottish, English, Italian,French, and much more. My father is part Hawaiian and part Scottish. Being such I haveto choose which lifestyle is right for me. There is a t ...

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The History of Toilet Paper.

y from Poison Ivy really quick. French royalty wiped with lace. The Vikings used discarded wool. On Hawaiian islands, people used shells from coconuts. In Asia, the Hindus and Muslims used their left ...

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Dream Job-a satirical look at Federal Grant Money and those who are elected to oversee the projects.

,I was pleased to hear that you were interested in placing a rider for Oceanography Research of the Hawaiian Islands on the upcoming stimulus package. I've been involved in conducting Aquatic related ... ule, however, I will require that you spend at least two weeks a quarter on or around the site. The Hawaiian Islands are remote and can be a very dangerous place, the eminent threat of volcanic erupti ...

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ts on the map, so small that historians marvel that they were ever discovered at all. These are the Hawaiian Islands which were become the 50th of the U.S of America. For many, Hawaii is a number one ... kling beaches, awesome volcanoes, amazing islands and its dance hula, which is the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people lure many visitors and draw them to this state of Aloha.Of the eight Hawaiian Island ...

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Impearalism in the United States. Describe the events leading the US to a policy of "Imperialism."

ed States and Germany established a three-way protectorate over Samoa. Then, quickly shifted to the Hawaiian Islands. Here imperialists had one of their most significant victories. When Queen Liliuoka ... Queen Liliuokalani began to threaten American dominance of the island, imperialists suffocated the Hawaiian economy by jacking up sugar duties. The queen was quickly overthrown and Hawaii was proclai ...

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To what extent was James Cook figure used as a mythological tool to account for the imposition of Western ideas in Hawaii?

INTRODUCTIONCaptain James Cook was the first European to visit the Hawaiian Islands. Upon stepping on the island of Oahu and upon being received by natives as their g ... as their god Lono, he brought with him Western ideology and practices that would forever change the Hawaiian culture and way of living. The world now knew about Hawaii and established trading ties; C ... enterprise and schooling was implemented. And these changes would bring diseases to the vulnerable Hawaiian people, dilute old traditions, and destroy indigenous plants and animals. After Hawaii's a ...

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wo-thirds of all the native bird species and one-tenth of the native plants originally found on the Hawaiian Islands have gone extinct recently. Most of these losses have been of species unique to the ...

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A Diary from the Hawaiian woman's perspective at the time of Hawaiian annexation.

The Diary of a Hawaiian Girl "Heaven"Aloha! Today is March 30, 1940.I am Leilani Kamehamela, was born on June 10, 1 ... er Cleveland left his post to the new American president McKinley, whose campaign plan is that "The Hawaiian Islands should be controlled by the United States and no foreign power should be permitted ... on September 14, he engaged in public speeches and newspaper interviews. He tried persuading native Hawaiians that their status as American citizens would be an improvement in their condition, assurin ...

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Manifest Destiny

United States there have many case's of manifest destiny in their history. Such as with Mexico, the Hawaiian islands, and Oregon. In Mexico, the United States wanted to originally buy California and o ...

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surfing habits to Hawaii. These stories also are proof that surfing was entwined in every aspect on Hawaiian life (Dixon 22). Much of their time was spent in the water mastering these adventurous wave ... explorer Captain James Cook. On his third expedition to the Pacific he made his first visit to the Hawaiian Islands. It was around the year 1778 and surfing was deeply rooted in the Hawaiian culture. ...

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The Next Nyiragongo

consuming sleeping villages, sweeping the unsuspecting to their demise. The residents of our Hawaiian islands are not strangers to the destruction that eruptions many times bring. With all the ... y however there are two substantial main reasons. The first of the two reasons is the nature of the Hawaiian volcanoes. Although they are similar to Nyiragongo in some ways they have several very impo ...

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Summary of Tsunami â€" The Underrated Hazard

citation practices have not been followed. Although rocky shorelines in southeastern Australia, the Hawaiian Islands and elsewhere generate and preserve a variety of boulder and block deposits and ero ...

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Tiger Sharks

ne.Tiger sharks are a reoccurring problem in Hawaii and are considered the most dangerous sharks in Hawaiian waters. A recent fatality from a Tiger Shark was on Maui in April 2004. It was the first co ... from a Tiger Shark was on Maui in April 2004. It was the first confirmed shark attack death on the Hawaiian Islands in 12 years."Willis "Will" McInnis, 57, of Kahana, suffered a 14-inch bite wound in ...

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Hurricane Iniki Essay

cane that was incredibly strong was hurricane Iniki. Hurricane Iniki originated on the coast of the Hawaiian Islands. No hurricane had ever hit the Hawaiian Islands before. This hurricane was the thir ... impson Scale.The maximum speed of this tremendous hurricane was a speed of 174 mph. The part of the Hawaiian Islands that were hit the worst was the south, east, and north sides of Kauai. Storm tides ...

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American Imperialism

ore territories to gain. (Davidson, Gienapp, 2008)One of the territories he advised buying were the Hawaiian Islands. During the early 1800's, missionaries from the United States went to Hawaii to tri ...

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ction.Volcanoes can help form land. Take Hawaii for an example. There are many volcanoes on all the Hawaiian Islands. Fourteen volcanoes if you count them. When a volcano erupts in Hawaii the volcano ...

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it forms cinders. Shield volcanoes are said to be shaped like a bowl/shield. They are found in the Hawaiian Islands. These form when a lot of lava spills from the vents in the Earth's surface. They a ...

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