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itting information for 50 years. But with today's technology, a new standard has been in the works, HDTV. In September 1992 NBC's WRC-TV in Washington DC became the first television station in ... ember 1992 NBC's WRC-TV in Washington DC became the first television station in the country to send HDTV signals over the air waves. WRC-TV's general manager then stated, 'With advanced digital high-d ...

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Zenith-case summary

onics corporation in North America market, was facing options regarding high definition television (HDTV), a new technology that offer consumers higher resolution (i.e., sharper pictures) and superior ... ed to assess consumer preferences for the new product.1. What factors will determine the success of HDTV?As the next generation of TV technology, no doubt, HDTV would achieve technical mature in the n ...

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Plasma - The Television of Tomorrow

V is not only the best buy for those interested in plasma TV's but also the best format to use in a HDTV (high definition television) home theater.Hitachi has a fifty-inch plasma screen that is less t ... ter.Now one could ask, "If this is the best deal for a plasma TV, is it the best deal overall for a HDTV?" The answer is yes. There are five types of HDTV's for sale right now: the CRT (standard tube ...

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The HDTV Debate

SynopsisVarious aspects of High Definition Television (HDTV) and its introduction to Australians are discussed. The history of HDTV and the mixed reaction ... ogy and are seeking returns. Others argue that the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining HDTV is not viable for a large portion of Australia's population. The benefits that are provided to ... ot viable for a large portion of Australia's population. The benefits that are provided to users of HDTV are discussed from the viewpoint of those who stand to gain financially from the inception of t ...

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A World of Change

gycan be when used in media and directed towards the society at large. Highdefinition television or HDTV has become one of the most sought after new marketsin communications technology.One of the more ... ations Association for Marketing luncheon, he noted that58 percent of women would rather receive an HDTV set than a 1-caratdiamond for Christmas this year. The statistic actually comes from theConsume ...

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Blu-ray, also known as Blu-ray Disc

nts of data. A single-layer Blu-ray Disc can hold 25GB, which can be used to record over 2 hours of HDTV or more than 13 hours of standard-definition TV. There are also dual-layer versions of the disc ... numerical aperture to 0.85 is what enables Blu-ray Discs to hold 25GB/50GB.With the rapid growth of HDTV, the consumer demand for recording HD programming is quickly rising. Blu-ray was designed with ...

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Compare and Contrast of Cable TV vs. satellite TV.

ity. However, during heavy storms the satellite signal may fade temporarily.While the innovation of HDTV is increasing, cable HDTV is still only available in a few select areas. Outside of the digital ... cable box and remote, usually no other equipment is necessary. Most satellite retailers offer free HDTV options. To accommodate increased HDTV programming, Dish Network has expanded their bandwidth c ...

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My Ideal Computer

store all of my DVDs and music. I would also need to play them back, both on my computer and on my HDTV. My ideal computer would allow my family to play all the latest video games and use all the cu ... for storing my movies and music. The computer would also need to have an output for my big screen HDTV and with a surround sound stereo system.MotherboardFor my motherboard, I picked the ASUS ...

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The marketing communication strategy for Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic C0., Ltd

mmaryThis is an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) plan for improving the High-Definition TV (HDTV) of Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic C0., Ltd. (XOCECO) in the domestic market for 2004. The ... ronic components.XOCECO was the first company in China to develop the 25" and 27" pure flat, color, HDTV and the first Chinese electronics manufacturer to receive ISO9002 certification. The combined p ...

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Compare and Contrast - Projection TV's

in width. The picture qualities of these monitors are among the highest on the market, and they are HDTV ready. For example, the pixel resolution of a plasma TV is never lower than 1280 by 768 max. Un ... it is important to understand the current technology and terminology. Contrast ratio, ansi lumens, HDTV formats, component video, throw distance and pixel resolution will be some of the terms discuss ...

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Modern Television Changing Ame

that the modern nations of the world are leaning toward a format called high definition television (HDTV). High definition television, described simply, is 1080 lines of interlaced resolution.For the ... of southern California.) Back in 1993 these two corporations offered to the FCC the format known as HDTV. Since that time, there have been many debates on Capitol Hill and we are just now getting to t ...

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The Effect of HDTV on the Music Industry

cannot help but notice the growing wave of high definition television, herein referred to as “HDTV,” entering consumer markets and becoming as much of a household staple as apple pie. The f ... becoming as much of a household staple as apple pie. The following paragraphs feature a look at how HDTV is increasingly becoming the number one consumer choice for television, and how television netw ...

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Business Research Project Paper

High Definition Television or an HDTV is a television set that shows high resolution digital images with digital surround sound. Mich ... and South Korea, where high definition is virtually new. Eventually, high definition television or HDTV will become a household word worldwide.References"U.S. households with little or no interest in ...

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