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mild form of autism.What is autism? What causes autism? Is there a cure for autism? For many years health care professionals have been researching to try and find an answer to many questions about au ... ge skills. In some cases the child regresses in both (Szatmari, 1991).One of the big questions that healthcare professionals are working diligently to try and answer is, what causes a child to be auti ...

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The role of occupational therapists in mental health care.

"The role of occupational therapists in mental health care"One of the main reasons why it has become necessary to look in more detail at the role o ... why it has become necessary to look in more detail at the role of occupational therapists in mental health care is the changing role of health care professionals in general which has taken place in th ... s in general which has taken place in the past decades and which has led to a re-structuring of the health care industry as a whole. As Thorner (1991) and Lloyd et al (1998) have pointed out, there ha ...

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Foundations skills for Midwifery: Oral Hygiene.

Various studies and health care professionals have suggested that oral hygiene within the health service, is a care prov ... pregnant, therefore we shall be highlighting this fact, as well as introducing the main reasons for health care professionals to interact with oral hygeine procedures. A persons nutrition, diet and pe ... lance of oral hygiene. This paper shall look at the differing balances and the effect it has on the health of a person.Throughout her career, a midwife may not encounter a varying degree of circumstan ...

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Lawsuits against medical malpractices.

of informed consent. These litigations involve suits against doctors, hospitals, nurses, and other health care professionals. Most of the suits that are filed are filed against doctors who have perfo ... design of the systems rather than the lack of education, as originally thought. Whether or not the health care workers actually take pride in their work is sometimes debated. The settings that surrou ...

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Adolescent depression

ers are diagnosed every day (Hyde and Forsyth). Also, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, "health care professionals are reluctant to prematurely "label" a young person with a mental ... eel either exceptionally well or extremely depressed. According to the National Institute of Mental Health "twenty to forty percent of adolescents with major depression will develop bipolar disorder w ...

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Prompt: Antibacterial products worsen the problem of resistant bacteria.

Antibacterial products have been familiar to health care professionals in clinical settings, but it is relatively new to the household environmen ... ferent scents.        Antibacterial products may be the latest fad in cleaning and healthcare, but can it be harmful? "Some researchers and health workers are concerned that too much ... rchers and health workers are concerned that too much germ-fighting power could be hazardous to our health" (Hellinghausen). Overusing antibacterial soaps may actually worsen the problem of resistant ...

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Reflection on the nursing process, using Gibbs 1988 model

deal with other situations in a professional manner.The Nursing process is a framework used by the health care professionals. The framework is made up of four components. Assessment of the patient on ... s shortly after this diagnosis that he was transferred to our ward for palliative care.The World of Health Organisation (WHO) defines palliative care as:"The active total care of patients whose diseas ...

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Nosocomial Infections

Nosocomial InfectionsNosocomial infections are diseases or infections that health care professionals give to their patients. The term "nosocomial infection" should not be limi ... ronment. 10% to 20% develop after contamination, often via the hands or contaminated instruments of healthcare workers. Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus pneumoniae are two examples that are tran ... cus pneumoniae are two examples that are transferred from one patient to another via the hands of a health care worker, successful colonization on a new host, and followed by the development of a symp ...

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The Mind-Body Connection

OverviewThis paper will discuss the mind-body connection and it's relevance to health care professionals and to the public. It will explore the history of the mind-body connection ... e interactions, and are particularly interested in the effects of emotions and thoughts on physical health.History of the Mind-Body ConnectionThe concept of the interconnection between the brain and b ... orce in getting well." This statement reflects the belief of ancient philosophers that emotions and health are deeply connected.In later centuries, however, this belief was cast aside. Medical profess ...

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Analyze the usefullness of having access to the DIPEx website.

unication and discuss how more communication between professionals and patients is needed.Nowadays, health care professionals do not have all the answers to medical problems and treatments that affect ... efore, it is more important these days for society to become more informed in what happens to their health and it is evident, that more and more people want to keep informed about what happens to thei ...

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Avian Flu and the Food Service Industry: Implications and Assessment.

as compared to the millions of birds of birds and most of all, mainly in East and South East Asia. Health care professionals however have a lot of concerns about Avian Flu since it has an extremely h ... comes to rigorous implementation of procedures as laid down by International bodies like the World Health Organization {WHO}. As a Food Service Operator who also acts as consultant to many hotel chai ...

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

nds of issues and in worst cases, the alcohol may even kill the baby. Although physicians and other health care professionals are trying very hard to get people to stop drinking before considering to ... hological impact on unborn fetal.Alcohol cause mental retardation, the inability to function at the healthy counter- face of children who are not mentally retarded. Also causes microcephaly meaning sm ...

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Nursing ethics

Mentally Infirm (EMI) home, which is located on Merseyside.The United Kingdom Central Midwifery and Health visiting Council (UKCC 2002, clause 6)). Which is now known as The Nursing and Midwifery Coun ... CC 2002, clause 6)). Which is now known as The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Also state that "Health Care Professionals should recognize the respect the uniqueness and dignity of each patient an ...

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Shaken Baby Syndrome

se can vary in degrees from no adverse effect to worse case effect, death. Education is paramount. Health care professionals are the key to identifying and educating families that are considered to b ... sturing, seizures, fixed and dilated pupils, lethargy, and an altered level of consciousness. (Kids Health)Caring for a sick or irritable infant or child can often be stressful. The sense of overwhel ...

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Condoms A Good Idea

nt or contract an STD. The consequences of adolescent sexuality are of great concern to parents and health care professionals. Sexual conduct among American teens has been studied for the past several ... ademy of Pediatrics believes: School condom availability programs, whether as part of comprehensive health services provided at the school site, or in the context of a school based HIV infection/AIDS ...

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Brookstone Hospice

to help the surviving significant others back to an optimal level of functioning, and (c) to assist health care professionals dealing with dying patients and their significant others?.The Key stakehol ... hich incorporates more of the management issues, including allocating of resources, associated with health care.SOCIETY PERSPECTIVE Society perceives hospices behave with the best intentions of the pa ...

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Child Abuse: It's An Ugly Thing

hese cases. Basically, government reports are only the tip on the iceberg.? (PCA) The Department of Health and Human Services, or the HHS, reported that child abuse and neglect in the United States ne ... ately fewer incidents are investigated," HHS Secretary Donna E. Shalala said. "Now states, schools, health care professionals -- all of us -- must commit ourselves to investigating and preventing chil ...

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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

For the past several years, particularly since compliance with the Privacy Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) went into effect on April 14, 2003, heal ... sionals have become especially concerned with the privacy laws and their effect on the provision of health care. Causing further concern is how this rule complements or contradicts the rule for the Pr ... he main purpose of the HIPAA was to ensure that when employees left a job they would not lose their health insurance coverage (Rothstein, 2005). However, during the legislative process, the Administra ...

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Drugs, Society and Criminal Justice Drug Abuse and Pregnancy

y during pregnancy.So the big question is, "Do arresting pregnant women for using drugs promote the health of mothers or children?" Depending on whom you ask this question to. If you ask a laws maker ... interest of the unborn child and it helps deter drug use among pregnant women. But, if you ask the health care professionals they would state that this law forced pregnant drug users to flee from pre ...

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'beyondblue': the national depression initiative, to address the issues associated with depression, anxiety and related substance misuse disorder in Australia.

of the Australian community to prevent depression and respond effectively to this identified mental health issue. 2. The goals of Beyondblue and how they are implemented:•Community awareness and de ... romotion of peoples experiences that have been affected, utilizing the media, community leaders and health professions, consumers and carers. This innovative initiative is also to facilitate attitudin ...

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