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The Battle of Ypres, April 1915

Germans had decided that they needed a break in the line, and this was the place to do it. So after heavy artillery bombardment, and the smoke had settled, roughly 160 tons of an ominous yellow cloud ... r it was on this day that WWI, for the most part, was not over. The Germans once again began with a heavy bombardment, followed by ravishing machine-gun fire... And then the yellow cloud. Though the C ...

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Cars today are very common but about 200 years ago they were thought to be just some kind of crazy invention.

as designed to carry passengers, while the other was a three-wheeled steam tractor for hauling very heavy artillery.In 1801 and 1803 another inventor Richard Trevithick of the United Kingdom demonstra ...

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Conditions at the frontlines were destructive for soldiers in WW1 discuss

New techniques used in trench warfare and the relatively new kinds of weaponry being used, such as heavy artillery and poison gas contributed to a much higher death toll with little opportunity to bu ... forced to sleep standing up in the trenches so that they wouldn't run the risk of being killed. The heavy artillery were a constant threat as they could be fired over long distances and land in a tren ...

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Poetry Analysis of "Anthem for Doomed Youth"

alling from the sky like rain which most parallels World War I. This image of soldiers dying due to heavy artillery appears most in the mind of the reader. Feckless soldiers dive into the muck of tren ...

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First-Person Impressions Of "The Battle Of The Somme"

to be obtained by the combined British and French offensive. The second objective is to inflict as heavy losses as possible upon the German armies.(2) Sir Douglas Haig explained the importance of usi ... lefield next morning. One of our men was carrying his bag and I had a talk with him. He was a tall, heavy, man with a black beard, and he spoke good English. "This war!" he said. "We go on killing eac ...

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Politics In Northern Ireland

Imagine living in a country where there is constant fighting. Soldiers armed with heavy artillery roam the street you live on all hours of they day. The people in the next city down ...

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My Brother Jack - Creative Writing (Letter Home)

ften wrecked. When we arrived to reinforce the Allied troops already stationed here they were under heavy artillery fire and had not yet finished their trenches. Artillery is the most terrible thing. ...

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Strategies used by the opposing sides in the Second Indochina War (1965-1973)

t” also defensive role, armoured personnel carriers (APC’s) could only be used in dry weather and heavy artillery used as defence. The US went about the war using the “Search and Destroy” method t ...

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Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori

orld and introduced the misery of spending day after day in muddy-reeking trenches, retreat through heavy artillery assault, and chemical warfare. The unimaginably misery of the war was introdu ...

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Medieval Warfare

g the early medieval period wars were fought on the field with horses and soldiers. With the use of heavy armor and weapons stirrups were essential to help the solider stay mounted. According to Craig ... Years’ War, according to Craig et al. (2005, p. 305) was a turning point in military tactics. Heavy artillery and infantry pushed aside the cavalry in importance in battle.There were two differe ...

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