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The Kielder Project - An essay about the Kielder Reservoir, its history and purposes and various effects it had on its surroundings.

urope, which is situated in one of the largest artificially created forests in Europe - the 101,000 hectare Kielder forest, which is 250,000 acre.It has a storage capacity of 188,000 million litres wh ... nd a half million trees were felled to make way for Kielder Water which has a surface area of 1,084 hectares or 2,684 acres making it larger than Lake Ullswater and three-quarters the area of Lake Win ...

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Palace of Fontainebleau in France

Located in the heart of seventeen thousand hectare forest, the palace of Fontainebleau was once one of the privileged residences of the soverei ...

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Farming Systems

l input including labour and capital in relation to the area being farmed. Typically, the yield per hectare is very low and output per farmer is low. Therefore, the basic need for food for families or ... any time of the year except winter. There is a constant yield thought it is not very high yield per hectare per year. On the other hand, the yield per farmer is very high.Evaluation Extensive c ...

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Linguaggio e comunicazione

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18 Years of CARP: Reclassification and Unfavorable Rulings Take Land Away from Tillers

While government boasts of having placed under the agrarian reform program millions of hectares of land, farmer-beneficiaries complain they lose the lands awarded to them because of land- ... s rulings. CARP implementation In the 18 years of CARP, DAR records show it has covered 3,493,781 hectares of its 4.29-million hectare target coverage for the whole program. It has reportedly given ... would not be able to meet its 2008 deadline because they still have to cover more than 1.2 million hectares. Half of this, or 600,000 ha., is the balance of the 4.29 ha. target. Nieto added that his ...

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Anti-Natalist Policies In Bangladesh

million people are rural dwellers and work in farming. The farms are tiny, averaging less than one hectare. One third of farm workers are labourers who own no land at all.Despite its poverty, Banglad ...

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El ciudadano Global

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The local ecosystem of Mt keira. plant adaptations and abundance as well as human impacts on the environment

ent. This allows the fig to slowly spread outwards. The largest specimen recorded covered an entire hectare. This allows it to have a greater area to extract and gain nutrients from the ground.RAINFOR ... roups]ii) Population in 100 square metres[ i) ÷ amount of quadrants(11)]iii) Population in 1 hectare[ ii) x 9.8 x 100]a) Moreton Bay Fig77 ÷ 11 = 0.640.64 x 9.4 x 100 = 601.6b) Brown Bee ...

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Safari A La Estrategia

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Weedy Pest or Crop of the Future

ty sativus produces few. Yellow nutsedge (weedy) has been reported to produce 605 million seeds per hectare in Massachusetts (4). Both reproduce vegetatively in great numbers. Research indicates that ...

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Hermes Myth

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