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The Crime at Compiegne

and decisively turned the Hundred Years' War in France's favor, forever ending England's dreams of hegemony over France. The crimes and eventual triumph of this most amazing young woman are better un ...

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Schlisinger's canon vs. my high school's canon

e is. He states that the canon is being used 'as an instrument of European oppression enforcing the hegemony of the white race, the male sex, and the capitalist class...' From my high school experienc ...

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Colonial Experience and Administration in Southern Rhodesia.

a Company [BSAC] is a unique example which maintained sovereign authority and establish 'privatized hegemony' over Rhodesia in state formation period .British adventurer and capitalist Cecil Rhodes ob ...

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This article argues that modernity is the second form of colonization.

continues to be executed. The United States, acquiring the status of superpower after the European hegemony, turned to be a dominant actor in completing the mission. The more complex the method is, t ...

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Marxist Media Theory.

nstitution of the subject"XDifferences within Marxism"XThe Frankfurt School"XAlthusser"XGramsci and hegemony"XStuart Hall"XLimitations of Marxist analysis"XStrengths of Marxist analysis"XReferencesInt ... Gurevitch et al. 1982: 23-5; Bennett 1982: 51-3; White 1992: 168-9; Fiske 1992: 286-88.Gramsci and hegemonyAntonio Gramsci, an Italian (1891-1937), was a leading Marxist thinker. Like Althusser, he r ...

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The Gulf War

back his weapons development program. With the expansion of his military, Saddam attempted to gain hegemony over the Persian Gulf Region. In the 1980's he fought a long, bitter struggle with Iran.As ...

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The legitimacy of the armed struggle of the Tamil people

licies, and statesponsored colonisation of the homelands of the Tamil people,sough to establish its hegemony over people of Tamil Eelam.These legislative and administrative acts were reinforced fromti ...

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UN Recommendation for the Resolution of the Conflict in Jammu and Kashmir

te. Both India and Pakistan have become entrenched in uncompromising ideologies in their quests for hegemony in Kashmir. Presently, the struggle has stagnated at the line of control (LOC), with very l ...

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Blood, Tears, Poverty, Famine and Socio-economic Problems: Western Imperialism's Negative Effect on Southeast Asia

of America are some examples of Western societies. These countries have spread their influence and hegemony over other nations for centuries; shaping today's North America, Central-America, South Ame ...

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New Historicism and Cultural Studies

ursive practices (methods of expression that are also methods of oppression, similar to the Marxist hegemony)Each culture/era has its own episteme ("a mode of power/knowledge with its own discursi ...

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How Clinton Failed to Protect United States Interests from China

allowed them accumulate power and ultimately, through his inertness, he opened the door to Chinese hegemony in the 21st century. President Clinton did not draw a line in the sand against Chinese poli ... "for money of course" (Gertz 115) and the other was to strengthen states that oppose United States hegemony in an effort to continue to overextend the US army around the globe. This fragmentation wou ...

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The Balance of Power during the Cold War

of alliances between major powers. This equilibrium places checks and balances on any move towards hegemony, the political domination of one state over another. Although the hoped for result of the b ...

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Theory of Meaning in Ancient Inidia Note: The article is composed in DV1-TTYogesh font.

process among the various racial groups, an effort was taken by the ancient scholarsto restore the hegemony of the Vedic authority over the newly emerging Diasporas. This type of effort was directed ...

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Effects of imperialism in Asia.

of America are some examples of Western societies. These countries have spread their influence and hegemony over other nations for centuries; shaping today's North America, Central-America, South Ame ...

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The "Banking" Concept of Education excerpt from "Pedology of the Oppressed" by Paulo Freire.

g theories on the banking of education and he creates a sonority with his approach in depicting the hegemony that occurs within school walls. Freire discusses topics which are very appealing; such as ...

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ayed as anything but a gangster, or criminal? The answer is, rarely ever. This is where you can see hegemony playing its ever so important role in society. The dominate class exercising its power over ... aces an advertisement, and someone somewhere feels that they have over stepped their boundaries and hegemony stares its ugly little eye at that company and society as a whole.That is exactly what happ ...

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"When France has a cold, all of Europe sneezes " An Analysis on French Power.

ns. The international plane since the end of the Cold War, however, has turned into a United States hegemony. In order to combat this Unitarianism, France has sought economic and political integration ... Civil Service (Guyomarch 119). Primarily, the European Union created the Euro to combat against the hegemony of the United State's dollar. Although it eventually succeeded, as one can see in 2005, it ...

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An American Empire? Mississippi Black Codes, Eugene Debs Speech, Woodrow Wilson's Speech to Congress in April, 1917.

acy. After about two centuries of empire building, United States is rather close to acquiring total hegemony over the entire world, or is it?The American Empire, unimpeded by any imperial rival, tells ...

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The Role of Police in Politics

," but they are also a tool of the elite; used to maintain a society that protects and furthers the hegemony of the elite by punishing those with ideologies that threaten the position of the elites an ...

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A Marxist Interpretation of Bram Stoker's "Dracula"

the crisis of liberal capitalism which was taking place within the 1890s, and the challenge to the hegemony of the professional bourgeoisie which it entailed".Earlier in the century, Marx himself had ... tary and despotic, he will not brook competition.''The professional bourgeoisie had established its hegemony by challenging feudal despotism with a concept of individual freedom for all. The proletari ...

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