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Den danske rockerkrig

r pålæderjakkerne fylder i øjeblikket danskernes bevidsthed. Hvem er Bandidos og HellsAngels? Hvad er der hidtil sket i den såkaldte rockerkrig, og hvad har myndighederneaf vi ... våben rockerne går rundt med. Cirka fem uger efter attentatet i Kastrup, bliver Hells Angels' klubhus i Snoldelevved Roskilde beskudt med panserværnsraketter. Ingen kvæ ...

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Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

r. The Law Enforcement did rethink their efforts, which helped them make more arrests on the Hell's Angels and Hessians. The local and state police joined together with federal agents to stop the trea ...

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Deadly Decisions

ang and almost lost his life. Jocelyn Dion, one of Temperance's office staff, was involved with the Hells Angels. She hated knowing innocent people were being killed almost everyday. Christopher Howar ... idn't know that he was in great danger.Christopher Howard, also known as Kit, was involved with the Hells Angels gang but didn't understand that he was considered part of it, until it was almost too l ...

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Moral Panic

ism and drug taking. Such youth cultures have involved the Mods and Rockers, Teddy Boys, Skinheads, Hells Angels and Hippies.The Mods and Rockers are a great example of moral panic and this is what St ...

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Controversial Issues From The Toronto Star

d and whether smoking at a young age can be stopped to decrease the amount of people with cancer.7. Hells Angels in Ontario Whether or not they are a threat to residents and how violence can b ...

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Hells Angels: An Organized Crime Group

Hells Angels an Organized Crime GroupIn 1948, one of the first non-mafia organized crime groups was ... first non-mafia organized crime groups was formed on the West Coast of the United States called the Hells Angels. This organized crime group is a motorcycle club that has thousands of members and oper ... e have been multiple definitions created for organized crime, it can be agreed upon by all that the Hells Angels meet the criteria. Since not long after their founding in Fontana, California, the Hell ...

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A Black Mans Journey

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