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Alcoholism:A Disease or an Addiction?

or these experiences until the involvement is totally consuming and potentially destructive (Peele, Herbert 37). The idea that alcoholism is a "disease", which only typified by the loss of control, wa ... that alcoholism is based solely on genetic factors. The acclaimed anti-disease model revolutionist, Herbert Fingarette, quotes:" There was no genetic or other biological explanation for why a person d ...

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Is Addiction a Spiritual Disease

concept is controversial and not without critics. Two well-known critics are Stanton Peele (16) and Herbert Fingarette (15), both of whom have written books, as well as articles disputing the disease ... ehavior... From this perspective, nearly every American can be said to have a disease of addiction."Herbert Fingarette goes on to state that the alcohol industry itself contributes to forming a public ...

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akes input from the world and guides action in light of it. Most thinkers share those core beliefs. Herbert Fingarette argued that Chinese (Confucius at least) had no psychological theory. Along with ...

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How Self Deception Cracks the Foundational Relation between Living and Saying

cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are"-Max DePreeIt is this paradox that fuels Herbert Fingarette's expository analyses in "Self Deception". To bring his analyses into transparenc ... utlook on personal identity along with how it affects others opinions of us.ReferenencesFingarette, Herbert (2000). Self DeceptionChapter four primarily focuses on how disavowing and avowing explicit ...

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