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The GMO Debate: Controversies Surrounding Recombinant Gene Technology and Attitudes of the British Public.

n of plants and animals was practiced through domestication and controlled breeding long before the heritability of traits and the role of DNA was fully understood. Recent advances in our understandin ...

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What kinds of evidence do researchers draw on when considering the effects of nature and nurture on personality?

contributions made by genetics and the environment to individual differences through heritiability. Heritability is when research has been carried out to establish the contributions of genetics and th ... more similarities than DZ twins. Researchers use formula to convert associations between twins into heritability estimates. For example the estimated heritability of neuroticism is approximately 30 pe ...

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Nature Or Nurture

"....our main conclusion after some years of work on this problem is that mathematical estimates of heritability tell us almost nothing about anything important." Perhaps my tendency to be compulsive ...

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Heritability And Intelligence

1) Why is it valid or invalid to apply a heritability figure for human intelligence that was calculated for the North American white populati ... lated for the North American white population to Asian-American populations? It is valid to apply a heritability figure for human intelligence. However, I believe that there are some restrictions to t ... environment can interact in a complex way to determine the level of intelligence someone possesses. Heritability changes and depends on the environment. Therefore, it is very different in various popu ...

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Born To Smoke: Ties Between Genetics and Cigarette

an inherited predisposition to smoke. As early as 1962, scientists stumbled upon the possibility of heritability in conjunction with smoking by examining the habits of several sets of identical twins ...

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