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The History and Future of Computers

am power required for the devices was not readily available.The next advance in computing came from Herman Hollerith and James Powers. They made devices that were able to read cards that information h ...

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Computers and Society

rked on the analytical engine for nearly 40 years, he never actually made a working machine.In 1889 Herman Hollerith, an American inventor, patented a calculating machine that counted, collated, and s ...

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Development of Computers and Technology

to speed the counting process. In the final test, involving a count of the population of St. Louis, Herman Hollerith's tabulating machine completed the count in only 5½ hours. As a result of hi ...

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uction of punched cards, which were first successfully used in connection with computing in 1890 by Herman Hollerith working for the U.S. Census Bureau. He developed a device which could automatically ...

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The History of Computers

mpleted the 1890 census in three years instead of, otherwise, more than ten years, by using the Dr. Herman Hollerith's punched card tabulating machine. Thus began the emergence of automated data proce ...

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History of Computers.

1890 to an electro mechanic artifact, that saves the Office of the United States Census from chaos. Hermann Hollerith uses a mechanical perforator to represent letters of the alphabet and digits in pa ...

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IBM Case Studies

Historical DevelopmentKey Significant Areas* Herman Hollerith invented tabulating machine at the end of 19th century* In 1911, Charles Flint acqu ...

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The Basics of Computers

2.6) 1890 AD - Hollerith Tabulating MachineA tabulating machine using punched cards was designed by Herman Hollerith and was called as Hollerith Tabulating Machine. This electronic machine is able to ...

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The Social Effects Of The Computer

ectricity. Because of this, information and knowledge could now be turned into electrical impulses. Herman Hollerith first combined electricity and mechanical computing machines in the late 1880's( La ...

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The History And Development Of Computers

the computer" (Galan, 10).Nearly 50 years after Babbage's discoveries, a census bureau worker named Herman Hollerith became the next man to further the computer's ability. Frustrated at the 1880 censu ...

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The History Of Computers

s by the loom. This was very useful which is why it is still around today. Not too long after this, Herman Hollerith had pretty much the same idea but used punch cards and devices that read the cards ...

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History Of Computers

f 1,000 numbers of up to 50 decimal digits long ( 1889, an American inventor, Herman Hollerith, created a machine that would greatly help the United States in counting the census ...

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History Of Computer

are of any number. This machine could do any calculations as long as you had the right punch cards. Hollerith made an invention that would change the world he made an automatic tabulator machine. Each ... of 1889. He demonstrated the machine in Germany and took out a German patent The census ordered 56 Hollerith machines at a cost of $56,000 annually in rentals. He arranged for Western Electric to bui ...

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History of computers

s tabulated on punch cards similar to the ones used 90 years earlier to create weaves. Developed by Herman Hollerith of MIT, the system uses electric power (non-mechanical). The Hollerith Tabulating C ...

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