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Lighter Than Air: The Lie That is Hydrogen Power.

That is Hydrogen PowerOn the night of May 6, 1937, the true face of hydrogen power was shown in the Hindenburg. The use of hydrogen to lift the massive airship was great, until the fatal collision, fo ... ). Hybrids will be the start of a cleaner fuel economy, not dangerous hydrogen power.As seen in the Hindenburg, hydrogen power is great, until its power is unleashed on the beholder. When the Hindenbu ...

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Why was Hitler able to rise to power in Germany in 1933?

On 30th January 1933, Hindenburg received Hitler in audience and appointed him chancellor. It came as a shock to some peop ... Schleicher made both of them seem unfit to stay in power. As they made each other seem negative in Hindenburg's eyes. As a result Hindenburg ran out of many candidates that could take control of the ... he chancellor position. However Schleicher did unwillingly become chancellor after he had convinced Hindenburg that Papen's policies of establishing martial law and amending the constitution would cau ...

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The Third Reich, 1933-45(germany).

suasion, and terror. Because the parties forming the cabinet did not have a parliamentary majority, Hindenburg called for the dissolution of the Reichstag and set March 5, 1933, as the date for new el ... the long knives." Other opponents were also killed during this purge, among them Schleicher. After Hindenburg's death in early August 1934, Hitler combined the offices of the president and the chance ...

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The Hindenburg Disaster

The Hindenburg DisasterThe Hindenburg disaster was one of world's most tragic occurrences ever. The Hind ... currences ever. The Hindenburg was a rigid airship built by a firm in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The Hindenburg was completed and tested in 1936 passengers had already been travelling in airships for 2 ... airliner. It had a length of 245 metres (804 ft) and a maximum diameter of 41 metres (135 ft). The Hindenburg was kept in the air by 200 000 cubic meters of hydrogen in 16 hydrogen cells. Hydrogen is ...

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Were the Third Reich and Italy totalitarian states?

1933, he was as Peukert says, "nowhere near being a personal dictator". Papen was vice chancellor, Hindenburg president and there were only 3 Nazis in a cabinet of 11. However as Joll says, "Hitler w ... Schleicher and the numbers dead were probably in excess of seven hundred.As Joll points out, "With Hindenburg's death (Aug 1st 1934) Hitler could now make Germany a totalitarian state". So it is very ...

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Hindenburg, "Titanic of the Sky"

Was the Hindenburg disaster a result of sabotage? Did lightning hit the zeppelin? Or was one of the most dev ... ps were declared useless as war machines. To boost spirit, the Germans even made a song for it. The Hindenburg, also known as LZ-129, was one of Nazi Germany's finest airships and was the first airshi ... of the new government so the Nazis provided money and quickly took control of Zeppelin Company. The Hindenburg was complete in 1936 and flew with the Olympic rings painted on its sides that year in ho ...

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What was responsible for Hitler's rise to power?

hem all being present. However, some are more significant than others.The decision by Von Papen and Hindenburg to appoint Hitler as Chancellor has a very strong argument as being the most important re ... ded events such as the Munich Putsch in order for Hitler to gain further support so that in the end Hindenburg had little choice but to appoint him Chancellor. So the Treaty of Versailles was not the ...

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A Report on the importance of three main problems facing the Weimar Republic

"We can scarcely count on being able to withstand a serious offensive." (Hindenburg, The Weimar Republic started off with many ...

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The Problems in Germany and the Growth of Hitler's Support

rnment, led the Munich beer hall putsch by which he convinced the Weimar Republic's supporters that Hindenburg and Ludendorff supported Hitler and the Nazi Party. Unfortunately for Hitler his plan was ...

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The election of Hitler: Why and How?

i Party used propaganda most cleverly prior to the presidential elections, where Hitler ran against Hindenburg.On the first election on March 13, 1932, Hitler's 30% lost to Hindenburg's 49%. This was ... ection was held. On the 2nd election, Hitler's votes increased to 37%, but still he was put down by Hindenburg's 53% majority.Even though Hindenburg had kept his post of president after the elections, ...

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Why did Hitler become chancellor in 1933?

using the SA as a threat. Objective factor meaning von Papen and some industrialists have persuaded Hindenburg.After Hindenburg refused Hitler's demand for chancellor, Hitler used Reichstag chaos and ... ndenburg refused Hitler's demand for chancellor, Hitler used Reichstag chaos and the SA to pressure Hindenburg. The Nazis began to constantly cause chaos in the Reichstag. For example, on one occasion ...

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How did Hitler gain the power to become chancellor in 1933-34?

r. The economic issue in Germany during the late 1920s, Hitler's promises, and the fact that it was Hindenburg who appointed him all pushed the people to support him.After World War I, Germany was for ... their last hope upon Hitler.The final step for Hitler to gain his power was to take the power that Hindenburg gave him----the Chancellor. Franz von Papen (a friend of Hindenburg) was Chancellor befor ...

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"Why did Hindenburg appoint Hitler as Chancellor in 1933?"

Hitler's rise to power and his appointment as Chancellor in 1933 by Hindenburg, was the result of several, often enduring factors that effected Germany and Hitler's own ... rol to defend the regime against potential enemies. However, after 1930 it was increasingly used by Hindenburg to sustain governments unable to get their legislation through the Reichstag. The power t ... s widespread recognition that eventually led to his appointment as Chancellor in 1933, as it caused Hindenburg to believe that if he employed Hitler his support with strengthen his own, hopefully ensu ...

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Why had the treatment of Jews become so harsh by 1938?

1933 SA turned people away from Jewish shops. In 1934 they were forced to leave government jobs but Hindenburg made an exception for Jews who had been involved in World War I. After Hindenburg died Hi ...

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Examine The Role And Political Influence Of President Hindenburg Between His Election In 1925 And 30th January 1933

Until 1925, Hindenburg's role within German politics was minor if not none, until this time he had served as one ... his time he had served as one of the most important generals in the World War One. However in 1925, Hindenburg was persuaded to run for presidency by nationalist politicians after the death of Preside ... liticians after the death of President Ebert and succeeded with almost 50% of the vote. Even though Hindenburg was clearly Anti-Republican, he did not wish to return to the old style monarchy, but pre ...

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Comparing and contrasting the 1930's and the 1960's

were important. In 1932 President Roosevelt was elected and re-elected in 1936. In 1937 the German Hindenburg air ship burned to the ground in less than 2 minutes killing 33 people. Amelia Earhart wa ...

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Holocaust Museum

propaganda to promote himself to becoming Chancellor of Germany. Ever though he lost the election, Hindenburg on January 30, 1933 appointed Hitler Chancellor.2. The next thing that caught my interest ... xample before this movie I thought that Hitler was voted into power, but really he was appointed by Hindenburg. I thought that it was kind of scary that a government system could fall apart that easil ...

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How did Hitler establish a dictatorship in Germany by August 1934

ding the Reichstag fire, Emergency Decree, the Enabling act, the Night of the Long Knives, death of Hindenburg and the Army's oath of Loyalty, which lead to his role 'Fuhrer' and Reich Chancellor, sec ... d the support of the Reichstag, whereas people in the Weimar including von Papen von Schleicher and Hindenburg never did. The timing of the economic depression also enabled his position as chancellor. ...

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How Far Was the Failure of the Weimar Democracy Responsible for Hitler’s Rise to Power?

a leader to rise and to deliver them promises brimming with hope. A gamble taken by supreme leaders Hindenburg and Papen who had hoped to 'tame' Hitler had ultimately backfired, also adding to Hitler' ...

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Hindenburg DisasterSpace shuttle challenger disasterHydrogen Gas Disasters2H2 + O2 → 2H2Ohttp:/ ... rg/articles/space/1995/12/the-space-shuttle-challenger-accident/page/1 At 11:38, on January 28 1986, 73 seconds into its flight.Where? Over the At ... l propellant- perfect for rockets, space shuttles, etc.When? At 7:25 p.m. on May 6, 1937, while the Hindenburg was attempting to land because the wind conditions were to strong for it.Where? At the La ...

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