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"A Brief Analysis of the Role of Lila in Hindu Mythology" The Sanskrit term lila, which best translates to "play" or "sport" in English, is u ... es to "play" or "sport" in English, is used to both exemplify and explain the powers and actions of Hindu gods and goddesses. In the Hindu mythology, lila establishes the qualities of gods and then fu ... is required as a result of these particular qualities. It is a concept that explains what motivates Hindu deities to act in the first place and while very extensive, can be given insight into with thi ...

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Discovering My Roots

of Art.The sculpture was called “Dancing Ganesha” which was created c. 750. Ganesha, the Hindu elephant headed god, is one of the most beloved Hindu deities. Ganesha was born as an ordinary ... .I’d like to spend some time discussing why I was so surprised to see a sculpture of one of my Hindu Gods at the PMA. I didn’t know that the Philadelphia Museum of Art had art from all over ...

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A Town I Visited

famous 'Bunga Mas' or Gold Sovereign flowers were displayed prominently.Ancient cannons,stupas and Hindu deities kept there showed Kedah's early Hindu influence.After spending four hours there,we wen ...

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Standing Mahadeva

seum of art includes a remarkable image of standing Mahadeva. It represents Shiva, one of the great Hindu deities, as Mahadeva, one of his manifestations. This image is a grey schist murti, or sculptu ... . Fine details of the image make it attractive. Carving is very defined.Works Cited Introduction to Hinduism. Tourism in India-exotic places- Elephanta ...

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Hindu Religious Traditions

Sanatana Dharma, or otherwise known to Western civilization as Hinduism, is one of the world's oldest living religions, dating back to 8000BCE. (Fisher, 2002 p.83) ... ainst repeated vehement criticism from religious extremist, who have tried to diminish and wipe out Hinduism over the centuries. Perhaps one the reasons Hinduism has been able to stand the test of tim ... d the test of time and remain as one of the top three religions in the world today is the fact that Hinduism is more of a way of life, rather than a restrained organized religion. The fundamental natu ...

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