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Art- always beautiful? Critical writing.

Many claim what is from the heart is art and that art is beauty. One of the many forms of art is music which I would like to concentrate on. Not only do modern musical pieces inspire and entertain ... and smoke "weed" on stage during their gigs. For many it is the only way to come up with the proper music or lyric to a song or even to remember what to sing. Strange as it may seem, they turn out rea ...

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The effect of Hip Hop on Modern Culture

ideas of dreams and the ethereal, represented by such movements like impressionism and romanticism.Hip-hop culture, music, art and fashion represents another spin on the turntable. Culture did a 180 ... turn from the lushness and decadence of the disco era to the down to earth, grass roots culture of hip-hop. It was grounding in many areas of modern culture. It brought the world of high art out of t ...

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This is a essay on hip hop and the efects it has has on American's music

Champ1Nyasha ChampAssistant Professor: Ilka LuytEnglish 10007 October 2003Hip-Hop NationThe development of hip-hop music has made an astonishing effect on the music community ... as also had an impact on the growth of Pop music. Due to the influence on different types of music, Hip-Hop music has had a collaboration of different styles of music. At the rate Hip-Hop is progressi ... p is progressing it will continue to have an positive on the music community.Since the beginning of Hip-Hop in the early 70's there have been changes in music worldwide. Disc jockeys (dj's) began to s ...

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All Eyez On Him - Tupac Shakur.

nobody else care"('2Pac Greatest Hits' 1). Tupac Shakur was one of the most popular artists on the Hip Hop music scene. He made a large amount of money throughout his career. He even made a good amou ... ne". Internet. 7/27/01.< >

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Controversial music in America.

was known as the devil's music. If you listened to it you were said to hold satanic rituals and worship the dead.People were quick to make assumptions and had not listened to the music. If they had li ... ad not listened to the music. If they had listened then they would have known that they did not worship the devil. Instead they talked about their life experiences and how they felt about things. For ...

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Argument analysis of Yvonne Bynoe's article entitled "The White Boy Shuffle"

trying to convince his audience that suburban, white youth are undermining what the true essence of hip hop culture is by adopting the characteristics of the culture and using them as a vessel for the ... owing" of black culture by young white youths perpetuates certain social stigmas and stereotypes of hip-hop culture.ETHOSThe author, who from his stance on the subject I presume to be an African-Ameri ...

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Hip Hop: Seeking Freedom Through a Counterculture

transformed drastically in recent years and has emerged as a form of counterculture. Specifically, hip hop music, has been identified as a counterculture that has inspired social change through its m ... ied as a counterculture that has inspired social change through its message. Although many consider hip-hop controversial, it has become a global phenomena in its ability to unify races, classes and c ...

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The State of Hip Hop.

The music industry and the media have dramatically influenced the way that rap and hip hop music is viewed today in comparison to when it first emerged as a form of music. As an origi ... values and what the real purpose of this art form was when it first emerged. The content of rap and hip hop music that was made in the past and the values it portrayed at the time, have drastically tr ... t of the music today. The industry and media are responsible for exposing the more negative side of hip hop, although be it rap and hip hop music originated as a spoken word against violence and other ...

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Persuasion Writing - Censoring Hip Hop

In the last few years, hip hop music has become a musical phenomenon, drawinglisteners from all over the globe, including t ... he US. Many songs with foullanguage are censored, and sex talk is bleeped out. But does this censorship really workson the radio? Listening to a couple of broadcasted rap songs will make anyone switch ... nsor the music by reversing orjust plain cutting out the dirty word or phrase. As anyone listens to hip hop or rap music,knows that it is hard to understand the lyrics, not to mention when the song is ...

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Hip Hop Culture

Rap culture has become the largest influence on youths regardless of race or class. Hip hop records dominate the charts and music channels as well as films and music awards. The earlie ... e and a microphone"� and lyrics that described having a good time to the sound of music. The hip hop that is on the radio today is violent and controversial, raising issues of gangs, poverty, v ... expands the negative realities of life, exposing listeners to controversial and offensive material.Hip hop music traces its roots back to century old African, Proto Rico, and Jamaican musical traditi ...

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Cencorship Sucks

Censorship Sucks According to the Canadian Constitution, we all have the right to freedom of speech, so wha ... eck out the music themselves.No one has the right to blame music for the falling of society. Censorship, has nothing to do with that. It's about control, if they can control our music, they'll move on ...

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Contemporary Music

of entertainment for the West Indian culture. However, during the mysterious years of those elusive hippies we found an emergence in the lovers of this brand of music. Though they love and may possibl ... n come of a new generation so does change and raggae is most popular with youth when a touch of Rap/Hip-Hop is added to it. Especially in the poorer neighbourhoods of Toronto this type of reggae can b ...

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Gender And The Media

women as toys to man, prizes to be won, may lead to the disempowerment of women in sexual relationships. Especially rap/hip hop music videos are particularly explicit about sexuality. A video by Lil' ... eotypes like this, and the need to conform to society.Magazines are an important source of relationship and sexual information, especially for woman and adolescent girls. Women's magazines until recen ...

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CD Cover essay

with blues and gospel at the end of the 20th century in America where blacks sang about their hardships connected with the slavery. In the twenties and thirties jazz became dominant type in music for ... and frustration at the state of young adults, cloths and attitude all changed at that time. Rap and hip hop music was New York’s street culture which represents break dancing and body popping and ...

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Taking The Rap: The Social Impact Of Violence In H

lear day in 1977, in a little place called Harlem, a new urban sound was born. Its fathers named it Hip-Hop, and like many of its newfound urban listeners, it had a hard time growing up. Hip-Hop is a ... ld ultimately lead to our downfall.The first problem society continues to overlook is the fact that hip-hop music leads to violence and not to reality. Our culture continuously ignores the excessive g ...

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"Pimps Up, Ho's Down" by T. Denean Sharpely-Whiting

s, canes and hundred-dollar bills rolled up to snort big lines of "blow". Then I read the sub-title"Hip Hop's Hold on Young Black Women" and realized that, far from a recounting of a real pimp's true- ... seemingly apologizes for in the prologue to this book). In the prologue, she explains her relationship with academia, the modeling industry and hip hop, and states her purpose for writing this book. ...

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Hip-Hop Music As A Movement

many movements in the 20th century, but none of them compares to the global and powerful effects of hip hop music, also referred to as rap music. What is disparate between this art form and other art ... popular in terms of demographics is that all it requires is a pen, a paper and a little creativity.Hip Hop began in the Bronx in the 1970's, when block parties became common in the socio-economic wor ...

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Hip Hop and Feminism

is research paper to examine the expression of sexuality and portrayal of women in song lyrics from hip hop artists. As stated on Wikipedia, "hip hop music is a music genre typically consisting of a v ... called rap which is accompanied with backing beats." I will examine the societal structures behind hip hop music as well as examine some critics and defenders concerning this type of music. Hip hop m ...

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Hip-Hop Feud: East Coast vs. West Coast

OutlineI. Brief background of hip-hopOriginatedStory through hip-hopII. Rise of Hip-Hop in the mid 70sWorldwide spreadingFamous ar ... preadingFamous artist who paved the wayIII. Feuds in the late 70-mid 90sFrom dancing to speakingHow Hip-Hop Slang Beef became popularIV. East vs. WestBio on Biggie Smalls(East)Bio on Tupac Shakur(West ... Examples of Media advantageRoxanneJay Z vs NasVI. Subject important to History of APMBig impact on Hip-Hop cultureMaterial usedBooksFilmsVII. ConclusionMy feelings towards this projectWhat made me de ...

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Women Stereotypes in the Hip-Hop Genre of Music Videos

Music videos for hip-hop songs often represent women as strippers and sex objects. Artists do this usually to appeal ... y 50cent and attempt to show how videos similar to these represent women in a particular way in the hip-hop genre. The music video "Love Me" by Lil Wayne is one example of women being represented as s ... mple of women being represented as strippers or sex objects, which is a fairly common stereotype in hip-hop music videos. At the start of this video, close-ups of female faces are shown; wearing heavy ...

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