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Phaedra's Charactor

e the drama begins, before she has acted, prior to her committing symbolic incest with her step-son Hippolytus, she is guilty. In her desire to absolve herself, she clings to the notion that as long a ... she clings to the notion that as long as the crime lies buried within her, as long as her love for Hippolytus remains an abstract notion, no one will be aware of it and she will, therefore, be consid ...

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Jean Racine's play "Phaedra".

he commoners is quite simple and is an important first step in identifying potential tragic heroes. Hippolytus is referred to by Theramenes (his tutor) as "my lord" (p. 365), which is indicative of Hi ... as "my lord" (p. 365), which is indicative of Hippolytus' high status. This idea is confirmed when Hippolytus is revealed as the King's son, which makes him a prince. Theseus, the King of Athens and ...

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Phaedra as a Tragic Heroine in Jean Racine's "Phaedra"

ic heroine.The tragic hero manifests both good and evil characteristics. Phaedra, the stepmother of Hippolytus, demonstrated her poor qualities when she had him banished because she was in love with h ... ith Oenone to "accuse him first of that which he might charge you with today" (p. 385), implicating Hippolytus instead so that she would not be punished for her incestuous misconduct. Phaedra also dem ...

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who is deceiving me? My groundless pride and uncontrollable passion prohibited me from registering Hippolytus pleadings. I had already made up my mind at that juncture that I was going to call in the ... f me now that he is in the afterlife. Forgiveness for my dastardly deed is all I pray and wish for. Hippolytus was a good kid. I hope he listens to my prayers and observes my tears. What keeps me up a ...

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Morals In Hippolytus

There are many themes throughout Hippolytus that could be interpreted as morals. However, as the differences in society and religion ... oned for the tragic events that follow.At the start of the play, Aphrodite explains that because of Hippolytus? disrespect towards her, he will be punished: ?This youth... calls me the most pernicious ... th... calls me the most pernicious of the heavenly powers... for his contempt of me, I shall punish Hippolytus this very day.? Even at the very end, the gods, or more specifically Aphrodite, are still ...

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Phaedra's Relationship with Shame in Act 3, Scene 1

nus, who commences this tragic play by instigating Phaedra's unlawful desire for her chaste stepson Hippolytus. Phaedra makes every effort to overpower her emotions, going as far as wanting to die rat ... ering emotions as she becomes more accepting of her feelings and concocts a complex scheme to court Hippolytus. However, even though she exercises free will by acting on her emotions, she is still at ...

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Analyzing the Meaning of Honesty and Dishonesty in Society

s in which truth remains censored as in the story of a little boy and his mother. One such tragedy, Hippolytus, includes the line, “Truth unseen, nor yet dark with the brand of a lie.” (Hipp ... ability to convey an important message. In this ancient greek tragedy a goddess attempts to destroy Hippolytus by making his stepmother, Phaedra, fall in love with him in an awkward turn of events. Th ...

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