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Jean Piaget

iaget was born of August 9, 1896 in the town of Neuchatel, Switzerland. His father was a university history professor, and his mother was a staunch Calvinist housewife. Prior to 1930, many of his writ ...

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"Tom Outland's Story" by Ian Williams.

Story," to balance the beginning and the ending of the book, where there is a drastic change in the history professor's character that is similar to Tom's. The editing experience sparks a life-changin ... he is becoming!" (81). The professor is also being very regretful of his life, namely his kids, his history books, and the new house. He even tries to resist his new house by continuing to work at his ...

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Were 1920's America an era of social and cultural rebellion or was it the result of mere exaggeration of the press?

Era of Social and Cultural Rebellion?Americans have never been shy about attaching labels to their history,and frequently they do so to characterize particular years or decades intheir distant or rec ... or decades intheir distant or recent past. It is doubtful, however, that any period in ournation's history has received as many catchy appellations as has thedecade of the 1920's... "the Jazz Age," " ...

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Peter Kolchin : American Slavery review

Peter Kolchin is a history professor at the University of Delaware. In 1970, Kolchin received a degree from John Hopkin ... lchin received a degree from John Hopkins University. He now specializes in nineteenth-century U.S. history, the South, slavery and emancipation, and comparative history. In his career he has written ... k follows somewhat of a timeline, beginning with the origins of slavery and following it throughout history focusing generally on the time frame of the colonial era and the 19th century to the end of ...

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Impeachment of andrew

chment began."To say that they seized the opportunity was too strong," says Michael Les Benedict, a history professor at Ohio State University and the author of The Impeachment and Trial of Andrew Joh ...

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From Employee To Entrepreneur

king/Finance. Her father, Eduardo, was then the local civil registrar of Davao City and a part time history professor of the same school. I lost track of her after graduating and later found her emplo ...

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