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the most popular sports throughout the world. Everyone that watches and loves the sport knows that hitting is a very integral part of the game. Without hitting baseball would have no purpose. Hitting ... self has to be one of the most complex techniques in baseball. Batting stance and technique is what hitting is all about. There is an ideal batting stance, yet it is altered by most hitters in the gam ...

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Slap Hitting

Makayla WalshMrs. KingComposition I30 September 2013Slap HittingEveryone knows what hitting in is softball. A batter goes up to the plate hoping they will ma ... tact on the ball while closing their eyes and wishing it will go far. What if there is a new way to hit in softball? This sounds crazy, a completely new way of hitting in softball. Slap hitting has be ... new way of hitting in softball. Slap hitting has become a huge phenomenon in girl's softball. This hitting technique helps offenses identify and misuse the weakness of the defense. Usually this batte ...

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