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Conflict in Vietnam

etnam ( Viet Minh ) was formed in 1941, seeking independence from theFrench. On September 2nd,1945, Ho Chi Minh proclaimed it independent ofFrance. The French opposed their independence from 1945 to 1 ... peditionary Force tried to prevent the Viet Minh from enteringLaos and Dien Bien Phu was the place chosen to do so. The French were notvery careful and this allowed the Viet Minh to cut off their airw ...

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inh (o Liga por la Independencia de Vietnam), fundado y dirigido por el líder revolucionario Ho Chi Minh. Tras emerger como el más poderoso de los grupos nacionalistas que combatieron a ... a de la República Democrática del Vietnam (Vietnam del Norte), bajo la presidencia de Ho Chi Minh. Francia reconoció oficialmente al nuevo Estado, pero la imposibilidad de lograr ...

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The Vietnam War

The Vietnam war started after the disagreements between the French, who had ruled Indochina before World War 2, and the communist Vietminh, founded and led by Ho Chi Min ... ldiers took over the capitol city, Hanoi, forced Emperor Bao Dai out of power and replaced him with Ho Chi Minh. On September 2nd they declared themselves independent and announced the creation of Nor ... gon government, and to help out, President Truman sent troops over to train the South Vietnamese on how to use U.S. weapons while the French and North Vietnamese were building up their forces. In the ...

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The Vietnam War

rom the war. Vietnam begun as a war to keep the French regime intact. The other side wanted to have Ho Chi Minh lead the republic after it was liberated from the Japanese in 1945. After WWII France wa ... States began this war with a 'bang'. Lyndon B. Johnson was the current President of the U.S.. He authorized the CIA to use special forces to conduct covert raids on northern Vietnamese soil. U.S. Nava ...

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Could war with Iraq be Vietnam II? In this paper you find out the similarities between the situation the United States faces now compared to the situation they faced in Vietnam.

Could war with Iraq be Vietnam II?"We seem bent upon saving the Vietnamese from Ho Chi Minh, even if we have to kill them and demolish their country to do it.... I do not intend to ... Would going to war with Iraq be Vietnam all over again? This question is an on going debate among scholars and politicians across the world. To understand the answer to this question we must look at w ... s the world. To understand the answer to this question we must look at what Vietnam really was, and how it relates to the Iraq situation of today. In the following paper I will take you into the jungl ...

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Vietnam War, Operation Rolling Thunder, 1965-1968

During this period U.S. Air Force and Navy aircraft engaged in a bombing campaign designed to force Ho chi Minh to abandon his ambition to take over South Vietnam. The operation began primarily as a d ... i with America's determination. Warning the North Vietnamese that the violence would increase until Ho Chi Minh gave in. Secondly, it was intended to bolster the sagging morale of the South Vietnamese ...

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This essay specifies the main events that occured in the Vietnam War.

none. Also, there was no meaning to the war and I believe many people died for the sake of nothing.Ho Chi Minh was the leader of the Vietnamese rebel army. On September 2, 1945, Ho Chi Minh proclaime ... ule. This act that he had taken place after seven years of war with the French. After this conflict Ho Chi Minh sets up government at Hanoi in north.There were many important dates during the Vietnam ...

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History 1112 notes on vietnam war american involvement US involvment.

of this til the war 1 and the versailles peace conference (1919)Woodrow Wilson and ho chi MinhFirst real meeting with US and vietnam, ho chi minh asks US to help vietnam get indecence ... lonizationvichy frenchIndochina is a vichy french colony. The local colonial officials make up the choice if they are free french or vichy french. They collaborate with the french. they let the Japane ...

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Vietnam ."

by Michael Lind. Vietnam is an interesting country to me because my parents talked a lot about the horrible war. I was fortunate to be born in America and raised as an American. I am half Vietnamese ... half Vietnamese and Chinese and this essay pertains to China and Vietnam. About this essay, the author is mitigating the reason of America's taking part in the Vietnam War. Michael Lind explained sev ...

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Ho Chi Minh: Rattled Genius or Dictatorial Lunatic?

Ho Chi MinhHe married nationalism to communism and perfected the deadly art of guerrilla warfareBY S ... BY STANLEY KARNOWn emaciated, goateed figure in a threadbare bush jacket and frayed rubber sandals, Ho Chi Minh cultivated the image of a humble, benign "Uncle Ho." But he was a seasoned revolutionary ... ; later, built into a largely conventional army, they frustrated the massive U.S. effort to prevent Ho's communist followers from controlling Vietnam. For Americans, it was the longest war--and the fi ...

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A Fatal Mistake the Vietnam War.

. We can advise and help, but they are responsible for the final results, and it remains to be seen how they will continue to conduct that war," (McNamara 72). Despite these guidelines for assisting i ... ld end up doing much more than just advising. The Vietnam War was supposed to be a demonstration of how willing the U.S. was to battle communism, but ended up a personal vendetta against the North Vie ...

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Asia in de-colonization.

o, Cambodia and Vietnam.Vietnam-In the north part of Vietnam, there were Vietnamese soldiers led by Ho Chi Minh fighting for independence with the French. In 1954 the French army was surrounded by the ... Vietnam might be taken over by the communist, so the U.S sent troops to fight in south Vietnam. Although the U.S sent troops to help the South Vietnam, the Vietcong still won the civil war. After thi ...

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How far did the agreements made at Geneva mark a success for American foreign policy?

How far did the agreements made at Geneva mark a success for American foreign policy?After the Frenc ... Southeast Asia. They were keen that for Vietnam to avoid elections as they feared it was inevitable Ho Chi Minh would win single-handedly. The outcome of the Geneva conference was that Laos and Cambod ... here would be communist rule in the North and a government led by Diem in the South, (an area which Ho Chi Minh gave up willingly). Democratic elections were to be held in Vietnam after two years whic ...

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Considering the history of Vietnam before 1961, the U.S. should not have made the military and political commitment to defend Diem and South Vietnam

Throughout much of its history, Vietnam had been under the rule of colonial countries such as France and J ... ts recourses. Nearly a century later, when time came for Vietnam?s independence, the United States should not have intervened in Vietnam?s affairs, and they learned that doing so caused havoc for seve ... tnam?s affairs, and they learned that doing so caused havoc for several countries, mainly their own.Ho Chi Minh was one of the Vietnamese that longed for their independence from France. During World W ...

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The Domino Theory in Relation to the Vietnam War

ong rooted nationalist movement that had Vietnam pitted against itself. The North Vietnamese led by Ho Chi Minh, were trying to reunite the country after it was taken over by the Japanese during World ... to reunite the country after it was taken over by the Japanese during World War II. This attempt by Ho Chi Minh to unite the country went uncontested, but the fact that he tried to unite the country t ...

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The Errors of Vietnam.

The beginning of the problems of the Vietnam War began when the United States ignored the unknown, Ho Chi Minh.Ho Chi Minh was a charismatic patriot, determined revolutionary and Communist, founded t ... ive the French out of Vietnam. By utilizing Vietnamese nationalism and learning from past uprisings Ho Chi Minh organized a revolution. By the spring of 1945 Minh had mass support from North Vietnam a ...

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To what extent did guerrilla tactics of the Vietcong enable them to achieve victory?

etnamese nationalists were very frustrated by Bao Dai's collaboration with foreign imperialists and Ho Chi Minh became leader and established the Vietminh (Independence) League which was committed to ... nd the final defeat of the French at Dien Bien Phu. The Vietminh were nationalists and communists, who treated the ordinary Vietnamese people with the respect they hadn't received from their French or ...

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Why were the French unable to defeat the Viet Minh in the first Indo China War?

and independence for Vietnam, and finally the disaster which was Dien Bien Phu and the reaction at home.The French had controlled the country from the 1850's up until 1940 when during WWII Japan move ... wing Japans announcement on an Independent State of Vietnam, The Viet Minh, under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh were quick to announce themselves as the rulers of the newly formed "Democratic Republic ...

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How was Ho Chi Mihn's leadership essential to the Viet Minh in the defeat of the French in 1954?

The Viet Minh leadership was essential in the inevitable defeat of the French in 1954. Under Ho Chi Minh and Nguyen Giap the Viet Minh proved a decisive victory against the French and together ... ploited the weakness of the French, in particular the French underestimation towards the Viet Minh. Ho Chi Minh was a politically educated walker amongst the people complementing Giap who was a brilli ...

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The Declaration of Independence: Ho Chi Minh's and The United States

President Ho Chi Minh's Declaration of Independence marked a turning point in Vietnam's history, bringing inde ... ing independence to the nation and freedom to the people. Historians somewhat incorrectly note that Ho Chi Minh opened Viet Nam's "Declaration of Independence" by quoting the U.S. "Declaration." Ho de ... tnamese document more than thirty years after he had lived in New York and Boston. A brilliant man, Ho may have committed the American quote to memory; however, Ho checked the quote's accuracy as he w ...

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