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thern Vietnam is quite mountainous, especially the extreme north and northwest. The Red River (Song Hong), which originates in China's Yunnan Province, is the principal river of the north and is about ... ntially been created by the Mekong River (Song Cuu Long) and its various tributaries. Just north of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) the landscape becomes more varied and rolling with forested hills ...

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Quang trung software city.

on Technology (IT) is becoming a most important thing to impulse that development. Therefore, in a short time, there are many models of IT center areas that are invested much. Quang Trung Software Cit ... with its location is easier to become the need of application of software companies and services in Hochiminh City and in the southern key economic region.QTSC is the largest place for IT and the seco ...

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The day I left Vietnam: Creative Writing Mr. Lally Class Assignment

'clock in the morning. After breakfast, I dressed up andwalked around to say good-bye to my neighborhood. Some of my neighborswished me a good life and a better education, some told me keep in touchwi ... me a good life and a better education, some told me keep in touchwith them. Then I went back to my house. It was full of relatives and friends.They came to visit us for the last time and some of them ...

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The Increasing Role of English and the Learning of Other Languages

Nowadays, English is popular and important not only in developed countries but also throughout the world. Therefore, some people say that the increasing role of English in the world means th ... ns:The learning of the other languages is not being neglected. First, let us think about French. Although French is not as common as English, many people want to learn this language. In Vietnam, there ...

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Vietnam airline

ging together several service companies with the airline at its core. A six-seat management boards whose members the prime minister runs appoint the corporation.Singapore, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Hon ... iung, Seoul, Osaka, Tokyo, Sydney and Melbourne, Vietnam Airlines now flies form Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City to 13 domestic locations and 23 major international cities.In April 2001, Vietnam A ...

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Biography of Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh, real name Nguyen Tat Thanh (1890-1969), Vietnamese Communist leader and the principal f ... mmunist leader and the principal force behind the Vietnamese struggle against French colonial rule. Ho was born on May 19, 1890, in the village of Kimlien, Annam (central Vietnam), the son of an offic ... tnam), the son of an official who had resigned in protest against French domination of his country. Ho attended school in Hue and then briefly taught at a private school in Phan Thiet. In 1911 he was ...

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Strong passion to pursue an MBA of a student from the 3rd world

1. At the very beginning, I would emphasize that I am living and working in HoChiMinh City, Vietnam where business growth has been increasing day-by-day. It is expected that in ... mework for analyzing international business markets, (2) expose me to smart, young businesspersons who aspire to develop a continuous learning process to cope with a fast-paced growing society. Althou ... don't have my knowledge enriched, I would be certainly lagging behind. Moreover, during the summer holiday, I would like to find some summer jobs to learn about the U.S. actual business environments ...

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Turning point

My parents got divorced when I was 9 years old, so I spent most of my life with only my mom, who has been emotionally unstable. I still remember that she went to a fortune-teller in order to get ... friends until I came to the United States. Because of the prediction, I had to transfer to a girl school, and was not allowed to play with boys. But Andrew Pham, the author of Catfish and Mandala, a B ...

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Proposal for Online Book Selling System

an be useful to sell books on the Internet. Customers can purchase or get all books' information without going through a bookstore.This proposal includes planed research, its benefits, qualificati ... scriptionDescription of the ProblemMac Dinh Chi Bookstore is one of the biggest bookstores in Ho Chi Minh City,opened on October, 1995. Because of having many kinds of books, manycustome ...

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1)Identify the nature and causes of two major economic problems facing Vietnam 2)Explain how Vietnam is attempting to solve on of these economic problems.

ny economic problems that face Vietnam. The two major problems are Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Shortfall and Agricultural Impasse. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Shortfall According to World Ba ... Furthermore, in a resent auction of five-year government bonds, there were no bidders. It had been hoped that the bonds would be traded on the stock market as an intermediate step towards its develop ...

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Vietnam Airlines - create a communication campaign in the UK

elationship of the promotions mix to marketing strategySource: Chris Fill (1995)Advertising is a method that uses to persuade the target costumers. Companies can use mass media to perform their advert ... ompanies and collect information from their customers.Personal selling is the technology use the method face to face to communicate with individual customers. This task can be undertaken by individual ...

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The True Gift of Katy - A story of how Katy, Texas brought happiness to an immigrant family

n the country, with a few exceptions that planned to take refuge in the United States. Believing in hope, Qui and his close family decided to wait until the conflict ceased, to further evaluate his si ... lled out any time a person was to go anywhere. Qui knew that this was not the Vietnam he loved. His homeland was contaminated. He finally decided that it was time to come to America.Although booking a ...

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Employment, Being A Pilot

o provide some factual information on both the Company and the Cadet Pilot Training Scheme which we hope you will find of value and help you to make the right decision.THE COMPANY Acknowledged as one ... ually start training) Q Eligible for an unrestricted worldwide passport Q Right to live and work without restriction in the UK Academic Ability Q 5 GCSEs or equivalent at Grade C or above, including E ...

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Only the heart

n only the heart had many difficult hardships to go through in order to get to Australia. The book showed how all the different characters responded to these hardships in there own ways. I will talk a ... d to these hardships in there own ways. I will talk about the problems before they left Vietnam and how that made them escape. To the extent in which they succeeded and what helped them succeed. And o ...

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The Vietnam Aftermath

Vietnam through its Hearing Aid program by detecting hearing loss and distributing hearing aids to those who might benefit the most.A small team of AHAC volunteers led by Woodruff traveled in January ... A small team of AHAC volunteers led by Woodruff traveled in January of this year to the area around Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in southern Vietnam. The AHAC team, consisting of two audiologists, an ENT ...

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Living on your own or with your parents

2A.06 Topic : Living on your own and living with parents.( ("You're ruining my life!" the teenager shouted at her mom and slammed out of the room after his/her mother's complaints. The next scene, as ... ints. The next scene, as we can guess, is of the teenage packing his/her clothes to move out of the house. However, this is not the norm for Oriental culture, or Vietnamese, in particular. No matter h ...

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Article Analysis #1 Western International University MGT 463 February 8, 2009

g analysis of the Little Saigon lawsuit accuses Lee's Sandwiches owner of duping San Jose council, shop owners' (McLaughlin, 2009) article will follow. This paper looks to identify central and seconda ... dentification of the problems identified. Development and evaluation of conclusions in addition to choosing a conclusion that appears to effectively bring about the desired impact for community member ...

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Viet Tien

en catching up and it is necessary for Viet Tien to re-evaluate its current strategies and plans on how to keep ahead in the race.1) SWOT Analysis of Viet Tien Company: Strengths High skills and produ ... of Viet Tien Company: Strengths High skills and productivity: Viet Tien has a contingent workforce who had been trained and worked for a long time. Broad network of agents: more then 400 agents and sh ...

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Special Forces - After Banksy

By Matt LeesIn 2008 a young artist Van Thanh Rudd submitted a painting prepared especially for the Ho Chi Minh City art exhibition in Melbourne; which was to display the lives and creations of 10 you ... creations of 10 young artists from Vietnam. Van Thanh Rudd, is a self-proclaimed 'artist activist' who resides in Melbourne. Rudd was requested, along with a Vietnamese artist based in Melbourne, to s ...

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NATIONAL ECONOMICS UNIVERSITY Subject: Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism Lecturer: Hoàng Thị Thu Hương Workgroup Phan Thanh Ma ... ily life. Busy parents. Everything that makes your kid emotionally closed down, and don't even know how beautiful nature is, how trees are planted, how animals are raised. They just want to stick to t ... just want to stick to the computer, i-phone, xbox and every high-tech equipment. . They don't know how to live when they're out of parents' hands. Busy work. Busy daily life. Busy parents. That is al ...

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