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Oliver Wendell Holmes

Oliver Wendell HolmesOliver Wendell Holmes Jr. was born on March 8, 1841 in Boston, Massachusetts, and was named fo ... the writer and physician. Since he had much intellect, humor, and ability to express himself helped Holmes direct American thought as a member of the United States Supreme Court for over 30 years.At t ... e United States Supreme Court for over 30 years.At the end of his service in the American Civil War Holmes entered Harvard Law School. Early in his career he became co-editor of the "American Law Revi ...

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The Spirit versus the Word of the Law: The Consequences of Sherlock Holmes's Criminal Characteristics

To even consider Sherlock Holmes, the most magnificent criminal investigator and analytical thinker ever written about, a mast ... y be proclaimed preposterous blasphemy by many. Upon further investigation, however, one finds that Holmes possesses many characteristics that would make him the ideal criminal. For example, Holmes ha ... n sufficient evidence to incarcerate any number of perfectly innocent individuals. This capacity of Holmes's genius, along with his innate ability to disguise his physical being and transform his mann ...

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"Similarities and differences among detectives, as portrayed in The Hound of Baskervilles and The Speaker of Mandarin "

n solving crime display this parallel. The portrayals of two great detectives of fiction - Sherlock Holmes, in The Hounds of Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Inspector Wexford, in The Speak ... exford, in The Speaker of Mandarin by Ruth Rendell employ these characteristic traits. Firstly both Holmes and Wexford display enthusiasm. Secondly, both detectives display guile and recognize the sit ...

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"The Hound Of The Baskervilles" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. .

pt me always questioning and wondering. I could not put the book down. I have always loved Sherlock Holmes books. I greatly admire the great detective and his unnatural sleuthing abilities. Sherlock H ... herlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Sir Henry Baskerville were the main Characters of the book.Sherlock Holmes is a world famous detective. He has a knack for deducting conclusions from small details, whi ...

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Green Computing Research Paper mla format 3 references. subject is about computers and the environment.

ions of pounds of recycled raw material in products such as outdoor furniture and automotive parts (Holmes and Marsden 56-64).Finally, to further reduce the environmental impact of computing, simply a ... your monitor, printer and other devices when not in use (Microsoft Word 2002 project 2).Works CitedHolmes, James D and Marsden, Katie A "Computer Learning for the New Professional" Houston: Gulf Publ ...

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Short Stories Essay--Lamb to the Slaughter, The Speckled Band. Both stories compared.

yle and it was first published in 1892. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is infamous for writing The Sherlock Holmes Adventures and The Speckled Band is just one story of many and The Speckled Band is written i ... guage was used when compared to Lamb to the Slaughter. The main characters in The Speckled Band are Holmes and Watson and you could tell that they were well educated just by analysing how they spoke. ...

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Its Is a short summary about Sherlock Holmes for Hounds Of The Baskervilles

Sherlock Holmes is a very complex character, he has many different qualities. You can almost think you know h ... e questions someone, he ask them every single question that can do with that case, because Sherlock Holmes know that he might not be able to question them again later. Holmes thinks a lot of himself a ... d brags to Watson about how he is better than him at solving crimes. Such as, in the first chapter, Holmes asks Watson what he thinks about the walking cane that was left behind. Watson examines the c ...

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Wide Reading Comparing 'Lamb to the Slaughter' to 'The Speckled Band'

he Speckled Band' is a 19th century story. The two detectives investigating the murder are Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. The murder they are investigating is that of Julia Stoner. Her sister, Helen, ... nd Dr Watson. The murder they are investigating is that of Julia Stoner. Her sister, Helen, goes to Holmes to report the death. She claims that she heard her sister scream in the night and when she we ...

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Looking at 'The Adventure of the Speckled Band' and at least two other stories, comment on the way Conan Doyle uses the character of Watson in the stories.

g and needs to be studied in great depth. Dr Watson is used to emphasis the main character Sherlock Holmes and the way in which it is done is very clever.Watson himself is a very knowledgeable man and ... elf is a very knowledgeable man and different sides of his character have been seen in the Sherlock Holmes stories. When he is at home with his wife in "The Man With the Twisted Lip" we see the family ...

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Sherlock Holmes 1.

Our first glimpse of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson is in their home office at 221b Baker Street in London. Watson examines a myst ... r Street in London. Watson examines a mysterious cane left in the office by an unknown visitor, and Holmes sits with his back facing his friend. Holmes asks Watson what he makes of it, and Watson decl ... eclares that his friend must "have eyes in the back of [his] head," since he saw what he was doing. Holmes admits that he saw Watson's reflection in the coffee service, proving to Watson and us that h ...

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Hound of the Baskerville.

Chapter VI: Baskerville HallOn the morning of their departure, Holmes offers Watson some advice, suggesting that the doctor report facts only, and not conjectures. ... nkland of Lafter Hall. Assuring that Watson has his gun and that Sir Henry will never go out alone, Holmes bids the group adieus.On the trip, Watson chats with Mortimer and Henry, while the baronet ad ... of the hall. Once in bed, Watson has trouble sleeping, and he hears a woman's sobbing.AnalysisWhen Holmes and Watson arrive at Henry's hotel, Holmes surprises us by lying to the bellhop to gain infor ...

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Three Broken Threads.

Arriving at Sir Henry's hotel, Holmes examines the register. Tricking the clerk into thinking he knows the two names added since Si ... theft of a second boot, this time an old one. Denouncing the hotel staff, Sir Henry is surprised at Holmes' suggestion that the thefts may have something to do with the case.At lunch, Holmes, Watson, ... At lunch, Holmes, Watson, Henry, and Mortimer discuss Sir Henry's decision to go to Devonshire, and Holmes assents given the extreme improbability of unmasking the stalker in crowded London. Holmes as ...

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"The Hound of the Baskervilles": Comparison of characters between Sherlock Holmes and Watson

In the book "The Hound of the Baskervilles", the detective Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Watson were asked to solve a mystery. Although they were partners, they had ... son were asked to solve a mystery. Although they were partners, they had very different characters. Holmes was intelligent yet arrogant and secretive, while Watson admired Holmes for his wisdom, obser ... secretive, while Watson admired Holmes for his wisdom, observed Holmes and tried to learn from him.Holmes was observant, intelligent and rational, while Watson admired Holmes, yet he was sometimes ir ...

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An essay discussing wether Rudolph Fleisch's "Sherlock Holmes" can be rightly described as a 'Genius'.

us'. In this essay, I will pursue this idea with the purpose of convincing the reader that Sherlock Holmes is indeed a believable study of a 'genius'.Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character created b ... ctorian writer invented a brilliant detective who has successfully solved around 60 cases. Although Holmes is a fictional character, he certainly fits the description of a 'genius'. In "Silver Blaze", ...

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Pschosocial Context Of Health

ome as being too narrow; emphasising only the physiological aspects of a greater whole. In response Holmes and Rahe (1967) proposed the Schedule of Recent Events as a method of assessing stress levels ... r & Stoughton Hayes, N. (1994) Foundation of psychology. An introduction text. London:Routledge Holmes T.H. and Rahe R.H (1967) The social readjustment rating scale, Journal of Psychosomatic Resea ...

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Gcse wider reading a grade: sh

tions of the detective story is that the detective if frequently an amateur. In 'the Speckled Band' Holmes does not work for any official body, like the police, for example. He is not, however, an ama ... he sense that he solves crimes for a hobby, he says, "as to my reward, my profession is my reward." Holmes is an amateur in the root sense of the word "someone who works simply for the love of it" How ...

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Sam Spade vs Sherlock Holmes: Commonalities

A Myriad of Commonalities Sam Spade and Sherlock Holmes are alike in many respects. Though they have obvious differences, their similarities are more ... many respects. Though they have obvious differences, their similarities are more notable. Spade and Holmes are both fictional characters, detectives by trade, and they use the same basic principles wh ... ive. Both get the job done in a thrilling and suspenseful manner that keeps the reader wanting more.Holmes and Spade had a myriad of common traits. Neither slept very much. Holmes' lack of sleep could ...

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Sherlock Holmes' "The hound of the baskervilles" - Watson's personality

In the report Watson wrote to Holmes concerning incidents surrounding Henry Baskervilles and the moor, his use of creative descrip ... use of creative descriptive language revealed his romantic and imaginative feature. In contrast of Holmes, he was not mechanic, he always apply metaphors, similes, personifications and also some vivi ... ; This illustration was brought into the minds of readers deeply since it would not be the style of Holmes or anyone else, but only the imagination of Watson. Moreover, Watson described Miss Stapleton ...

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The Hound of the Baskervilles Watson and Holmes: Emotional and Logical

Between the two main characters in the adventures of Holmes and Dr. Watson, Holmes is the logical and analytical side of their partnership, while Dr. Wat ... l side of their partnership, while Dr. Watson is the almost classic companion that tries to be like Holmes but just doesn't have his unique qualities that define him as a detective. Watson's struggles ... ve. Watson's struggles are very intriguing; while Watson takes appreciation in emotion and romance, Holmes concentrates on the solid facts, mentally blocking out the irrelevant. Holmes is analytical a ...

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