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A good story with a setting in the middle ages. Teachers really like things that are written from the middle ages. Very educational and entertaining.

tell. All I knew is that I had to get out of that place. And fast.Many people had come to find the Holy Land with Riff as their leader. Little did they know that it would end up with me and Riff as t ... see blood on his face. Hahaha.... He will be a worthy second in command. Together we will rule the Holy land and the world itself."He stared at the small fire until it finally went out and I looked u ...

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Book Review, "Pelagious and the Fifth Crusade" by Donovan

. Of course any good Christian would see the need to support the church in its aim to take back the Holy Land from the dreaded Muslim interlopers and establish it as the center of Christianity. If eve ...

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What Caused the First Crusade, and was it a Success?

The First Crusade was cause by conflicts between the Christians and the Muslims for the Holy Land, Jerusalem. Jerusalem was the holy city for all three groups of different faiths; the Chri ... ns and that is on e of the reasons why he started the First Crusade. Many people returning from the Holy Land were bringing home stories of the violence being committed by the Turks there. Because thi ... re bringing home stories of the violence being committed by the Turks there. Because this was their Holy Land, it caused many Christians to be outraged.The crusaders existence was established mostly o ...

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Brief history of the War between Muslims and Christians in the Philippines

d Christians. The crusades were expeditions undertake in fulfillment of a solemn vow to deliver the Holy Places from Mohammedan Tyranny but later developed into territorial wars. The term crusader mea ... until they reached Jerusalem. However, this did not interfere much with the pilgrimage to Christian holy site or the security of monasteries and Christian communities in the Holy Land, and western Eur ...

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The 3rd Crusade

The main reason behind why the 3rd crusade began was that it was an attempt to reconquer the Holy Land from Saladin, after being in Christian hands for 88 years. The Saracen sultan, or leader o ... Pope, Gregory VIII, as past popes did, then sent for plea all across Europe to undertake the third holy pilgrimage, Third Crusade, to save the Holy Land from an alien people. This encouraged much of ...

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Holy Land

Have you ever thought why there is a war within the Holy Land very frequently? On my view the whole world is involved in the eternal conflict, since it ... conflict, since it is the origin of the 3 major religions "“ Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Holy land has been the "Promised Land" of God's chosen people, the Land of Canaan, the Land of ... s one of the most controversial and interesting parts of the world, which impacts it very much. The Holy Land has always exerted a fascination for people from almost every part of the word. Over the c ...

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The Fall Of Rome

world during the Middle Ages. European crusaders traveled over land and sea to wrest control of the Holy Land from the Turks. The crusaders helped the Romans because they attacked other empires leavin ...

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Early History of Israel

200 years, the Crusaders who, following an appeal by Pope Urban II came from Europe to recover the Holy Land from the infidels dominated the country. In July 1099, after a five-week siege, the knight ... cities and castles.When the Crusaders opened transportation routes from Europe, pilgrimages to the Holy Land became popular, due to the access an increasing number of Jews sought to return to their h ...

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take action to settle the conflict in the middle east to preserve life for the people and save the holy land.Before you can solve the problem in the middle east you have to understand how they became ... peace(Shurdon).? Jerusalem should now be regulated by the UN and everyone would have a right to the holy city. Next issue would be to establish the Palestinian West Bank as their nation. As for the Ga ...

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Peace In Palestine

No place on earth has ever been the center of attention as much as the ?Holy Land?. It is the birthplace of the world?s three heavenly religions; Judaism, Christianity, and ... ed Nations resolution that proclaimed Jews have the right to establish a state in some parts of the Holy Land. To maintain neutrality and fairness towards the three Holy Religions, and also not to off ... of the readers? political views or religious beliefs, one will keep referring to this place as the Holy Land.For more than four thousand years, the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim peoples of the Holy L ...

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Sept 11 Term Paper

Osama said," It was payback for the 80 years of humiliation that we have gave them disturbing their holy land.It hasn't all been bad our country has come together like never before and fought this tog ...

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Crusades took place in the year 1050 and lasted until the year 1250. The Crusades were a series of "holy wars" that took place over a time spand of 200 years. They were fought in the Roman Empire whic ... ace over a time spand of 200 years. They were fought in the Roman Empire which is also known as the Holy Land. They started because of conflicts in religion between the Muslim Turks and the Christians ...

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BC, with the biblical leaving of Abraham from Mesopotamia to Canaan, the conflict has arisen. The "holy land", or Jerusalem in Israel, has been disputed in whether or not it belongs to the Israelis o ... Ironically, religion can cause an effect just the opposite, as easily shown through the so-called "holy war" between the Israelis and the Arabs. Other such examples include David Coresh, a cult-leade ...

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Jewish Extremist Violence

s been riddled with violence and war at many points throughout its history. From the purging of the holy land to make way for the Israelites to recent attacks on Arabs in Israel. There are many modern ... cks on Arabs in Israel. There are many modern day sentiments among right wing Jews to take back the Holy Land promised to them by God in the Bible. Many people who hold these thoughts justify violence ...

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Similarities Between Religions

ows may be different, all are believed to be God’s word.Each religion also has a belief in The Holy Land. The Holy Land is a major area that was left to the people by God. For Jews and Christians ... a is Jerusalem. For thousands of years, Jerusalem has been the temporal and spiritual center of the Holy Land for which more tears and blood have been shed and more prayers offered than for any other ...

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The Crusades

major (United Methodist Church "The Christian Crusades"). The goal was to recapture Jerusalem, the Holy Land, and was headed by the leader of the Christian church, Pope Urban II.At the beginning, the ... intent of the crusaders was the safe passageway of European Christians into Jerusalem to worship at holy places. From around 200 A.D. to 900 A.D. the Holy Lands, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, etc. were occup ...

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History and Geography of Palestine

ht over it for over 5,000 years and continue to do so to this day ("Palestine" World 85). It is the Holy Land of the Bible. It is sacred to three great religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam ("Pa ... ion ("Middle East"). The two largest religious groups, Islam and Judaism continue to fight over the holy sites of their religion to this day. Jerusalem is the center of both religions. For this reason ...

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The First Crusades

to attack the Muslims agreed for a war. Thus launching the first Crusade in an attempt to "free the holy land" and re-capture Jerusalem. The journey was not going to be easy but with the Pope, Alexius ... II in the Investiture Controversy with Henry IV as his ally. Afterwards, he set his goal toward the Holy Land. In order to respond to Pope Urban II request for war, Godfrey had supposedly sold his Duc ...

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The social, political and cultural issues dealt with in William Shakespeare

stinction of geographical locations; from Westminster to Jerusalem: 'Brake off our business for the Holy Land' (I.1.48). The prevailing traditional ideology of the West as dominating power over the Ea ...

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Robin Hood

rrant for Robert Kyme for the crime of treason. To avoid persecution, Kyme left England for the the Holy Land (Jerusalem) to fight in the Third Crusade. Soon after his departure, King Henry II died in ... Prince John I, as the temporary monarch of England until his return. Throughout the battle for the Holy Land, King Richard I had a scribe chronicle each days event. Contained in theses documents, Ric ...

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