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Robert hooke

Robert Hooke was born on July 18 1635 and died on March 7 1703. He was the son of the Reverend John Hooke o ... a servitor, and in 1662 he obtained his MA degree.In Royalist Oxford, pressured under Puritan rule, Hooke was fortunate to secure the sponsorship and guidance of John Wilkins, the warden of Wadham Col ... of Wadham College. Wilkins had gathered around him a group of students who were mostly superior to Hooke in age and status. Acquiring their friendship, trust and appreciation turned out to be extreme ...

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This is a physics lab report on finding the spring constant (k). It includes many tables and charts of data.

Lab: Finding the Spring Constant (k)I.Question/PurposeWhat is Hooke's Law, and what does it have to do with k?Objectives: Determine the spring constant of a sprin ... ts a stronger spring, and a lower value represents a weaker spring. That is true because F and x in Hooke's Law (F=kx) have a direct relationship. So, I can state that k will be a numerical value and ... ts a stronger spring, and a lower value represents a weaker spring. That is true because F and x in Hooke's Law (F=kx) have a direct relationship. So, I can state that k will be a numerical value and ...

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Investigating Hookes Law

Key Stage 3 Science Investigation.Investigating Hookes LawAim: The aim of this investigation is to find out the relationship between the extension a ... e relationship between the extension and force applied up to the point of distortion.Theory: Robert Hooke discovered a law for all elastic materials in the seventeenth century. Hooke found that a smal ... hat a small force stretched a spring a little and that double the force stretched it twice as much. Hookes Law is that the amount the spring stretches by is proportional to the stretching force. The a ...

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Factors affecting the stretching of springs and rubber bands

ific Knowledge:Before doing the experiment I came to the conclusion that this experiment relates to Hooke's Law which states that extension is proportional to the load, meaning that if you stretch som ... at if a mass m on a spring is displaced from the equilibrium position (x0 = 0) to a new position x, Hooke's law states that the spring will exert a restoring force on the mass Fr = -kx. The "-" sign i ...

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Notes on Cell Structures

Cytology is the study of cell structureCell is the simplest collection of matter that can liveHooke discovered "cells"Schleidan "all plants are composed of living cells"Schwann "all animals are ...

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Elasticity is usually measured using Hooke's Law, F=kx,

0. IntroductionElasticity is usually measured using Hooke's Law, F=kx, where F represents the force pulling the object, k represents the proportionality ... s length by. (Giancoli Physics, P237)1. Planning (A): aims of the experimentResearch question:Using Hooke's Law, what is the biggest weight possible to be hanged on a spring and rubber bands, while co ...

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Robert Hooke

Robert Hookes geology relates to his studys in fossils and earthquakes, and he also mastered the cardinal p ... living organism. Throughout this essay, many facts will be explained of what kind of contributions Hooke put into the field of geology. Including discriptions of other planet studies from his resourc ... n was not accepting this statement of the fossils being remains of extincted living organisms.After Hooke studied the fossils with microscopes, which was the first time anyone ever tried that, discove ...

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Streching A Copper Wire

: To investigate the elongation of steel and copper springs Hypothesis: I believe both springs obey Hooke's Law, and they will both show plastic behavior. But not at the same force applied, because bo ... oth of them have different properties this explains why they don't extend at the same force applied.Hooke's Law is based on the elastic behavior of certain materials. Hooke's Law only applies within t ...

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Simple Harmonic Motion: Vibrating String

tensions above the limit.To avoid these problems, and to determine the force limit, Scientist named Hooke invented the theory, which is called Hooke’s Law.Hooke’s law states that the extensi ... plotted for force against the extension, and slope is determined, which is the value of constant, k.Hooke’s law also states, the time taken by the vibrating spring in harmonic motion is directly ...

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Simple Pendulum

m, g, and L are positive constants, we note that formula (1) has the same form as the equation for Hooke's Law. Recall that Hooke's law is of the form (F = -k x). Although we won't prove it, it can b ... is of the form (F = -k x). Although we won't prove it, it can be shown that an object is subject to Hooke's law, or any other force that can be expressed in a form similar to Hooke's law, it will exec ...

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