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Ford Mustang

from the '30's and '40's most of which were the Ford Flat head. These engines started as a 60 or 80 horsepower. When these kid's finished with them they usually looked like a junker on the outside, bu ... ng. When air is cool it is denser so more air can be packed into the cylinders, thus giving it more horsepower.) came in at and underrated 335 hp. Highest on the 428 ladder was the 428 SCJ (Super Cobr ...

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Toyota Supra

ther short of breath or response. This Double Overhead-Cam rocket develops three hundred and twenty horsepower at 5,600rpm and 315 lb.-ft. Of torque at 4,000rpm. And the normally-aspirated powerplant ...

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Critical Analysis of Lyla Fox's essay, "Hold Your Horsepower"

In Lyla Fox's "Hold your Horsepower," I am reminded of an ironic saying about teens who get jobs to pay for their cars and ca ... irtually impossible to get students focused on school."To close, Lyla Fox, in her essay, "Hold your Horsepower," does not take into account all of the many different reasons for teens to have jobs or ...

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Imaginary made-up car.

This is the best deal you can get out of a sports car.The Conservuzzer 911 has a V-12 engine and a horsepower of three hundred and fifty. The capacities of this car surpass the expectations of an ele ...

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The Contributing Factors in the Evolution of Rolls-Royce.

gine "The Eagle" to help the nation in the battle of the skies. The company provided half the total horsepower used in the air war by the allies. It also powered the first transatlantic flight along w ...

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The 'Unsinkable' Disappears Beneath Ocean Floor (Newspaper artical on the sinking on the Titanic)

igh, 882.5 feet long, with two sets of 4-cylinder reciprocating engines producing 50,000 registered horsepower and a cruising speed of 24 to 25 knots.She could carry up to 3,000 passengers in her magn ...

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Production Functions and Cost Functions in Oil Pipelines

cents.c) Cost of transporting 150,000 barrels would 16 cents.2. Can a 16-inch pipeline with 10,000 horsepower transport 100,000 barrels of crude oil per day? If a firm has a 20-inch pipeline, how muc ... o ways. Both the approaches give different answers.a. Using Chart 1, a 16-inch pipeline with 10,000 horsepower will NOT be able to transport 100,000 barrels of crude oil per day. The pipeline will req ...

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Zeppelins during WWI

was an example of many earlier models, had an aluminum frame, seventeen hydrogen cells, and two 15-horsepower Daimler internal combustion engines. It was about 420 feet long and 38 feet in diameter.W ...

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Mc Donals

ith his flow masters exhaust system rumbling loudly. The car been added a few features to boost the horsepower like a new intake manifold with high flow air intake, new performance spark plugs, eight ...

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Not Twin Turbo, Super-Turbocharged

A turbocharger is used on many cars to produce more horsepower. A turbocharger is a turbine that compresses air and forces it into the compression chamb ...

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Evolution of the Corvette

first two years, was the fact that the Corvette only had a six-cylinder engine producing around 150 horsepower. Fortunately this would be soon to change. In 1955 Chevy knew that they had to do somethi ... rvette, an eight cylinder with a Carter single four-barrel carburetor which was able to produce 195 horsepower, and shaved almost two seconds off the cars quarter mile time. Now, with the performance ...

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The Effects of The Steam Powered Engines on The Industrial Revolution

in several types of machines. It was useful in the transportation industry and it could replace the horsepower. This invention was also very important in the agriculture and producing goods in the fac ... k, control of insects, improved irrigation and farming methods, developing new crops and the use of horsepower in the fields to replace oxen as a source of power.14"During the industrial revolution th ...

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